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In Person: 6 Questions with Brett Rogers

The counter-culture travelogue Food Booze & Tattoos enjoyed it’s South African premier last week on SABC 3 after being broadcast to audiences in Sweden, Italy and Poland. The realty-style show follows owner/designer of label HalfWolf and ex professional swimmer Brett Rogers around South Africa on his search for the best artisanal food and booze, interspersed with getting (6 more) tattoos. We caught up with Brett for this not very serious Q&A to get to know the man behind the social media persona a little better. 

What do you like to get up to in your down time? 

I always have the same desire for my down time. Hanging with my friends talking anything from which one of us fell over that we can laugh at, to political and philosophical discussion. I need wine/whisky involved. I love listening to my friends DJing while we are all talking late late into the night. Sex. 

What are you listening to on repeat? 

Ok… here:

Loraine – Linton Kwesi Johnson
grip – Tessa Thompson
Lazarus – David Bowie
I’m the Man – 50 Cent
Nocturno – XVRHLDY
Jazz – Mick Jenkins
Parental Advisory – Jay Rock
The Message – Jay Rock
100 – The Game

I could keep going.  🙂

ZUEZ 4Do you have any strange habits that you just can’t shake? 

Nope, sorry. 

What’s your biggest fear? 

Prison. Homelessness. Brain Death. Ill Health. You know, the usuals.

Have you got a hidden talent? 

I can do weird shit with my tongue! haha. Not innuendo, just true. 

If you could have any animal as a pet, what would you choose? 

I wish I could have a goldfish that could travel and live on land with me.

ZUEZ 5Photos by Zohaib Zuez

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