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Local musicians pick their top 5 acts at CTEMF this year

The Cape Town Electronic Music Festival is just around the corner. From 5-7 Februrary, a lineup of electronic music all-stars and exciting up-and-comers are performing across three stages at City Hall. Ahead of the festival, we asked 8 local musicians who are attending and/or performing at CTEMF this year to do the impossible: choose the one act they’re most looking forward to. Here’s who came out tops and why.

White Nite

Friday, 5 February. Club. 10-11:30pm.

“I’m looking forward to White Nite and the Uppercut crew, they’re pretty dope. Going to their parties had a big part to play in my progress as a producer. Over the past year or two White Nite has become a really good friend of mine, we’ve had many conversations about the technical aspects of music production and about the industry. I’d often play him my beats and he’d give me honest, constructive criticism instead of just gassing me up. Even though I’m playing a live set at CTEMF, the majority of my sets over the past couple of months have been DJ sets and in that sense, White Nite has shown me the importance of versatility and just being open to different genres. Unless the party has a theme (like Uppercut’s Golden Era) I don’t think he ever sticks to just one genre of music in his set. He never boxes himself in.” – Beat Sampras

Petite Noir

Saturday, 6 Februrary. Auditorium. 9-10pm.

“I am looking forward to seeing Petite Noir the most, purely because this will be his first South African performance. His music, which has been penned by Pitchfork as being the “future of pop”, has been spreading like wild fire overseas which has caused him to only perform abroad. His performance will amazing.” – Thor Rixon

“I am most excited about seeing Petite Noir perform. I have been following his progress for quite some time and have met him on numerous occasions but I have never seen him perform. I have read about noir wave and have watched his brilliant videos. I would call myself a low key fan of his! I am absolutely elated that he will be taking the stage. I will be performing straight after him, so I am also quite honored to be on the same line up as him.” – Dope Saint Jude


Saturday, 6 February. Club. 11pm-12am.

“If I hadn’t already seen the genius of DJ Lag in action then he would definitely top my must-see list but the victor is undoubtedly RudeBoyz. Thanks to the likes of Maramza and Jumping Back Slash, the world of GQOM is not as daunting to delve into as it once seemed. I happened upon a RudeBoyz release on my Soundcloud feed one day and curiosity got the better of me. GQOM is a drum-laden, break beat style of house music that originated in Durban and is rapidly taking the world by storm. The RudeBoyz crew is synonymous with this movement and their sound is exciting and challenging. Their performance at CTEMF will be astounding and will provide further awareness of the unique style of dance music to a broader audience.” – Angela Weickl, The Cult of Maybe


Saturday, 6 Februrary. Auditorium. 12-2am.

“For me, the artist I really cannot wait to see at CTEMF this year is an obvious one, Goldie. I would not be doing what I’m doing right now without the influence of his debut album Timeless, it was around the time that I just discovered this genre of music called Drum & Bass. He’s one of the godfathers of our scene and the idea for It Came From The Jungle, in part, came from his legendary D&B club night at the Blue Note. So yeah, Goldie!” – Niskerone

Nightmares On Wax

Sunday, 7 February. Terrace. 6-9pm.

“The artist I’m most looking forward to seeing at CTEMF is Nightmares On Wax. I’m a huge fan of Warp Records and of N.O.W’s diverse catalog, the way he mixes hip-hop, chillout, house & soul (to name a few) into his own warm, feel-good sound. I’ve been listening to him for years and he’s influenced how I approach my own music, trying to focus more on feel than genre. I’m looking forward to an unpredictable, eclectic set…” – The Watermark High

“CTEMF 2016 is littered with great artists local and international. Our local artists definitely punch above their weight and deserve a place on the international stage (which CTEMF offers).However the performance we are looking the most forward to is one of the internationals, Nightmares On Wax. Beyond his production, Evelyn is a DJ’s, DJ. He has been able to stay relevant through all music trends with his ability to keep his sets absorbing and unique. He has managed to do this through blending and twisting, hip-hop,funk,jungle,house and disco effortlessly, all on vinyl. This appeals to us, the ability hop around through bpm ranges and genres, whilst still taking you on a journey.” – Myles Hornbuckle, Stone-Age Citizens

“Not easy to choose one act out of such a huge lineup but if I had to choose, it would be Nightmares On Wax​. There’s a certain nostalgia that’s attached to his sound for me. Getting the chance to hear him play on the Terrace whilst watching the sunset over our city is something I’m really looking forward to.” – Danalog

See the full CTEMF lineup.

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