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Tomfoolery documents lesser known stories in their latest short, ‘Ghost People’

The most harrowing stories aren’t always found between the pages or websites of daily newspapers or on the evening news. Sometimes they exist unknown and untold, or lost in greater narratives only to be stumbled upon through the most unlikely circumstances. 

While out on a day of filming in an abandoned, refuse filled plot to follow up on another project, the team from Tomfoolery met a Zimbabwean man by the name of Shawn Mashonganyika. Skeptical of their intentions at first, Shawn was reluctant to speak with the crew, but after learning of their interest in telling lesser known human stories, he invited them to film which led to the moving and disturbing short, Ghost People. 

Now forming the first of a series of ‘street stories’, Ghost People details the lives of a group of foreign nationals living in inhumane conditions in the abandoned buildings of Durban, subject to stark poverty, police brutality, and rampant xenophobia. “They burnt my passport right in front of me and I couldn’t do anything…Xenophobia never stops, it just changes,” says Shawn in the film. 

Watch the powerful short below and find more of Tomfoolery’s work on their website, Instagram and Facebook.  

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