In Person: 7 questions with Shane Durrant

It’s pretty impossible not to like someone who’s made it their business to fill our ears with jivey tunes and our stomachs with chicken waffles. Shane Durrant is the person in question: for starters, he’s the frontman of Jozi’s energetic indie rock outfit Desmond and The Tutus, but he’s also founded some of the city’s most-loved eating joints with his wife Angie (Lucky Pony) – the most recent being Mr. Big Stuff in Braamfontein. As he and The Tutus get ready for a gig in Cape Town this Friday, we caught up with Shane for a not-so-serious Q&A and learnt some interesting things in the process.

Who’s the last person you texted?

I actually texted the band Whatsapp group suggesting that we do an accapella style EP, where we cover our own songs in barbershop quartet accapella style. Didn’t go down so well, so sorry accapella fans it probably won’t see the light of day.

Do you have any strange habits that you just can’t shake?

Calling literally everyone either dude or bruh. But I think this is something a lot of people struggle with, I overheard a group of girls all calling one another “my bru” the other day.

If you could be world champion in anything, what would it be?

Well I would love to be the world champ of some high-income sport like boxing or formula one, but realistically right now I could probably only be the world champ of binge-watching Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Option 2

What’s your biggest fear?

That nothing I do matters and despite trying desperately I will fade into obscurity with nothing to show for it other than a couple thousand instagram followers. That and sticky food stuffs getting on my face.

Which animated movie/tv character is most like you?

Probably Bob from Bob’s Burgers – we both own burger shops.

What do you like to get up to in your down time?

A favourite band pastime is golf. But the guys managed to convince me to join them even though I’m horrible, but I hear that everyone is horrible at golf so I don’t feel so bad about it.

What are you currently listening to on repeat?

I’ve been introducing my daughter (19 months old) to the wonderful music of the Magnetic Fields. They have such a rich catalogue of great music. Yes, it’s mostly mega-depressing anti-love songs set to eerily chirpy music, but she can’t understand the words yet.

Catch Desmond and The Tutus this Friday, 26 Feb at The Assembly (Cape Town). Go here for details.


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