Cats in hats and charming jewels: Rakky’s new lookbook by Churche

Rakky has collaborated with Churche (a new collective by Adi Koen and Angie Batis Durrant) on a lookbook featuring six custom made kitten hats. The Cape Town jewellery label is playful, charming and inspired by contrasting colours and shapes. Enamalled wood, handcrafted polymer clay and resin beads pay homage to the African fortune telling tradition of ‘throwing bones’, drawing on a totem-like aesthetic with organic, natural forms.

“We had such a cool time beforehand playing with all the cats and when we did our shoot we used a group of kittens who were just the sweetest things. Almost all of them landed up falling asleep in the hat baskets, it was so cute. If any of you are looking to adopt a cat please please go to Cataholics, they have amazing animals who are all looking for loving homes,” says art director Angie Batis Durrant. 

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Photographer/Art Director: Angie Batis Durrant

Stylist/Art Director: Adi Koen

Model: Lenny-Dee Doucha


Between 10 and 5