Meet the artists on the 10and5 Travel exhibition

If you haven’t seen our Travel group exhibition yet there’s still time – head to the Palms Lifestyle Centre and check out the show as part of THAT ART FAIR on until this Sunday 6 March. Inspired by a sense of wanderlust and adventure, the exhibition brings together 15 disparate artists’ work that ranges from abstract to figurative across different mediums. Late last year we sent out invitations to artists to create work whilst on their end of year travels and this show is the result. Now meet the artists. 

“The unruly substance of thinned oil paint is the basis from which my paintings start. I work with the spills and drips allowing them to direct me into the light, watery beginnings of an idea. My work is currently between the captured and the imagined offering, hints and suggestions of existing landscapes but never quite allowing one to access them fully.” – Cape Town painter Alexia Vogel 

Alexia Vogel_Night Isle (1)

“By re-appropriating everyday goods, both domestic and mass-produced, discarded matter and urban debris I create sculptural paintings, installations, drawings and prints. Through various codes and mark-making I create a visual mind map of a collective experience.” – Joburg artist Io Makandal

Io Makandal_Floating IV

“This series of works is inspired by my current ‘snapshot’ experiences as a traveler/foreigner in Mexico. The subject matter of these ‘postcard- size’ moments are based on the domestic ‘happenings’ of various locations around the small town of San Cristobal De Las Casas.” – Cape Town artist Olivié Keck 

Olivié Keck_The Forest of Many Mothers  copy

“The following works are torn out pages from my sketchbooks. I’ve always thought that I do my best work in these books. I used to be incredibly precious about not separating stories and pulling out pages, but recently, I’ve found that this is more and more the works I am most proud of. Each drawing has been done from life, negotiating the elements of public spaces around the world, observing people in spaces. Most paintings take about 30 minutes to draw, and another 30 to paint.” – Cape Town architect and artist Lucie de Moyencourt  

Lucie De Moyencourt_Un cafe s’il vous plais Monsieur, Paris,

Contracted Land I attempts to draw a link between a section of a journey done in South Africa from memory and a current and quite opposite moment whilst on a residency in Sylt, Germany.” – Joburg artist Bevan De Wet


“[These works] are explorations into the idea of the placement within context of travel and journey – where does one fit in and which spaces does one occupy when out of one’s everyday comfort zone?” – Joburg artist Simnikiwe Buhlungu

Simnikiwe Buhlungu_Gaze I

“These paintings were produced while I was away on residency in Finland last year. The intention with the work was to try and find a new and more exciting way of making paintings. Whilst on my residency I decided to start making paintings from life. I was fortunate enough to have a studio with a clear view of the landscape. So each day I would setup and make the tough choice between running out to take photos when the light was right or staying put and creating paintings.” – Cape Town painter Swain Hoogervorst

Swain Hoogervorst_View From the Studio Window, the Tuesday Evening Before Wednesday

“Transatlantic Crossing Over is a poolside portrait of a loved one from abroad. The title alludes to playful reimaginings of the depicteded figure’s circumstances.” – Cape Town painter Sarah Biggs

Sarah Biggs_Transatlantic Crossing Over (Power Nap)_2016_Oil on paper_200x260mm

“I am curious to uncover the countless mark-making and representational possibilities of pigment, binder and solvent solutions and applications. I am fascinated by the fine balance between control and uncontrollability in the act of painting. To me, painterly marks not only make up subjects but are subjects in themselves.” – Joburg artist Heidi Fourie

Heidi Fourie_wherewithal

“My work is an extension of myself and the way I live. Always playing with emotions, nostalgia and the cheeky brash! My aesthetic shows the spontaneous need for the raw, wild and free youth while still holding a strong sense of honesty and freedom.” – Photographer Caroline Mackintosh

joradan 1

Here and There is a collection of people, places, moments and objects that I’ve encountered whilst on the move. The project began in 2014 and is ongoing, as long as I am travelling the work will keep evolving.” – Joburg photographer Angus Mackinnon

Angus MacKinnon_Here and there, Untitled 2 Angus MacKinnon_Here and there, Untitled 3

“I have always been interested in land ownership and how we occupy spaces. My interest stems from notions of loss and memory, particularly within a South African context.” – Cape Town artist Amy Ayanda

Processed with VSCO

“This series of drawings evoke the spontaneity of an odyssey of discovery and self-enlightenment through the inherent representation of culture at the time.” – Byron Fredericks

Byron Fredericks_A Lolly To Make You Jolly

“My artworks often function as self-contained worlds comprised of various architectural structures like castles, high-rises and stairs alongside recurring natural symbols like birds, suns, clouds and sharks.” – Cape Town artist Gitte Möller


“Using an intoxicating colour palette and layers of paint, surface material and different mediums, my artworks suggest the permeability of a moment in time, which while defined for an instant, is in fact poised on the brink of dissolving, melting and merging with the next.” – Cape Town artist Jeanne Gaigher

Jeanne Gaigher_Super Soni Jazz (Girls)

“Small Island States references the low-lying islands that face disappearance due to rising sea levels. In this painting palm trees bend and blur with a restless sea, hinting at the violence of climate change.” – Cape Town painter Katrine Claassens

Katrine Claassens_Small Island State

“Life through my lens is a mixture of genres from landscape photography to documenting my travels across South Africa and the world.” – Cape Town photographer Illana Welman

Illana Welman_Away

Laura Windvogel aka Lady Skollie pioneers issues of sex, relationships and gender through art by making use of evocative watercolour depictions of the human body, fruits and nature.” – Laura Windvogel

Laura Windvogel_Mirror Mountains

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