Eva Faerch’s illustrations of letters, landscapes and lore

“I was born with a pencil in my hand”, says graphic designer Eva Faerch, whose illustration work is made with paint, ink or digital vectors. The recurring pastel pink and blue palette throughout her portfolio bequeaths a softness which contrasts with sizable areas of solidly coloured forms. Nature, science, myths and the internet are her muses while artists like Gustav Klimt, Salvador Dali, Mc bess and T-Wei are also part of her repertoire of inspiration.

Her commissioned work, such as the African tarot series, explores themes of duality whereas her personal projects see her playing with the landscape of lettering, internet phenomena, and the development of typography. Having trained as a fine artist and printmaker before delving into graphic design, Eva mentions that her style is “quite broad and diverse” and she’s “always open to new ways of creating and loves to learn new mediums”. 

View more of Eva’s work here.

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