7 iconic South African brands get reimagined

In a playful exercise around #GraphicArtMonth, we wondered how iconic South African brands might look if they were reimagined through fresh eyes. As an experiment we asked 7 up and coming designers (all of whom have featured in our Fresh Meat graduate series either this year or last) to try their hand at giving a few much-loved local staples a new look, without losing the elements that make them distinctive. The selected products are All Gold tomato sauce, Chappies bubblegum, Lion safety matches, Jungle Oats, Black Cat peanut butter, Five Roses tea and Ouma Rusks. Here’s what they came up with.

Emma Philip x Chappies:

Painterly patterns in bubblegum pink, soft blues and yellow adorn the wrappers of Emma’s special edition Chappies ‘Happy Pack’.

Emma Philip x Chappies (1)Emma Philip x Chappies (2)Emma Philip x Chappies (1)

Kyle van Zyl x Black Cat:

Kyle’s eye-popping design is a bold reimagining of Black Cat peanut butter in contrasting black and yellow complete with punchy text.


Almari Carosini x Ouma Rusks:

Subtlety is key to Almari’s take on the packaging for Ouma Rusks, which mixes African patterning with knitting and doily patterns screenprinted on a natural brown cardboard base.

Almari Carosini x Ouma Rusks (1)Almari Carosini x Ouma Rusks (3)Almari Carosini x Ouma Rusks (8)Almari Carosini x Ouma Rusks (4)

Kirsten Bennett x All Gold:

“What’s fresher than a flashback?” Kirsten’s ode to the original All Gold from 1910 sports an Art Nouveau styled logo and label (and, if you look close enough, you’ll spot 36 hidden tomatoes in the design).

AllGold_Artwork3AllGold_Artwork2 c1AllGold_Artwork2 c2

Kelvin Southwood x Lion:

Minimal and monochrome, Kelvin presents a slick and understated new look for Lion safety matches.

Kelvin Southwood x Lion Matches (3)Kelvin Southwood x Lion Matches (2) ccKelvin Southwood x Lion Matches (1) c

Hannah Shone x Five Roses:

Hannah puts a light and airy spin on Five Roses with playful patterns and loosely drawn roses, anchored by large areas of strong blue.

Hannah Shone x Five Roses (8)Hannah Shone x Five Roses (1)Hannah Shone x Five Roses (5)Hannah Shone x Five Roses (6)

Sarah Mitchell x Jungle Oats:

A jungle adventure plays out in Sarah’s beautiful, illustrative and immediately distinct packaging for Jungle Oats. 

Sarah Mitchell x Jungle Oats (2) ccSarah Mitchell x Jungle Oats (3) ccSarah Mitchell x Jungle Oats (5)Sarah Mitchell x Jungle Oats (6)

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