Revisit your old TV favourites with Desmond and the Tutus’ comically retro music video

After a fairly understated music video for Pretoria Girls, Desmond and the Tutus have have come back in full force with their latest offering, a comically retro music video for their single, ‘Lazy Bones’. 

Taking viewers from way back in the 60s to the not so recent 90s, and spanning almost every fond television trope including Magnum PI, The A-Team, overzealous infomercials and uptight news anchors, the video sees Desmond and the Tutus teaming up with creative company, Cool Your Jets for a truly memorable piece of film work.

Filtered through a classic Telechrome haze and sound tracked to Shane Durrant’s signature drawl, the video is a hilarious watch and makes for one hell of a nostalgic trip back to those weekends spent on the couch. 

Watch the video below and find more by Desmond and the Tutus on their website

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