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Megan Brits

Nice looking things and a candid Q&A with illustrator Megan Brits

Small letters, using the word ‘quite’ and nice looking things are some of Megan Brits’ favourites. After not ‘finding herself’ on her gap year she attempted to study interior architecture but moved over to graphic design at Stellenbosch Academy of Design and Photography. At the end of 2015 she threw her cap up in air along with other graduates and has begun to ‘adult’ really hard by working a full time job and paying taxes. Equipped with a dry sense of humour and her pen tool, she tells us in words and pictures what informs her creativity and makes her tick. 

Megan Brits

What’s the first thing you do before you get started on a new project? 

create a series of organised folders to save my files in because being obsessive is a curse as well as a blessing. 

How do you get your creative juices flowing? 

it’s pretty much everything around me that can get me excited enough to whip out that pen tool – from animated movies to some words from a queen bey song. 

Megan Brits

Do you have any quirks or habits you can’t shake? 

there’s quite a wide variety from getting tattoos, to drawing mexican related things, to not being able to kick the habit of writing in small caps – but let us leave it at that before people think i’m a creep.


What’s your favorite thing to do in the city? 

spend next month’s paycheck.

Megan Brits

What sort of music do you listen to? 

from arctic monkeys to chance the rapper – really i’m quite easy to please.

Megan Brits Megan Brits

How would you describe your creative style? 

not very well. nobody likes to blow their own horn, but if i had to then maybe a series of non-sensible whims. 

What’s your signature dish? 

nachos with some extra nachos on the side.

Megan Brits

Who or what influences your creative sensibility? 

local art and local food and local beer. what’s even better would be local art of local food and local beer.

What’s your most loved possession? 

i thrive on nice looking things. i’ve got quite the collection of nice looking things, but in no particular order my top three would probably be a gerard human skateboard deck, a kim jong un kidrobot vinyl toy and an adventure time monopoly set (i’m not a child, i swear).

What would you dream project be?

living the dream would be a collaboration between some illustrations and some product design, i like to get my hands dirty. maybe a skateboard deck that someone other than my sister would like to hang on their wall. and also if someone could teach me how to screen print that would be great.

View more of Megan’s work on Behance and Instagram.

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