Does your soul lack fire? Take Chicken Licken’s online #SoulRocker challenge

Chicken Licken has challenged 10and5 to the ultimate inter-office battle to see which of our Jozi team members can achieve the highest score in the #SoulRocker game.

The campaign follows on from Chicken Licken’s recent kung fu parody TV commercial. Filmed over eight days in Bangkok, the ad chronicles the pursuits of a young man journeying to find his inner-peace, failing time after time until he harnesses the power of a Rock My Soul meal and is able to defeat his master.

Chicken Licken Soul Rocker (3)

The game takes us on a similar journey through three levels, dodging fire, avoiding killer birds, falling bridges and deadly snakes, while racking up points by collecting boxes of soul-satisfying Chicken Licken drumsticks. All before we come face to face with the master himself in one final showdown.

Watch our Twitter for updates as we work our way through the levels, we’ll be announcing our office champion on Friday.

If you’ve got a restless soul, play the game online at

Team 10and5 Jozi getting our kung fu on
Team 10and5 Jozi getting our kung fu on

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  1. Really nicely done, it’s a real pity it is a rip-off of Sword and Sworcery though 🙁