From Berlin to Cuba: A sombre look at society through Alice Phoebe Lou’s new video

Alice Phoebe Lou, the Cape Town born, Berlin based guitarist and vocalist, has had an explosive career thus far, enjoying audiences from the streets of Germany and subsequently the world over through her live performances gone viral. About a year ago, her live performance of ‘Society’ reached the ears of Johannesburg based photographer and filmmaker Fausto Becatti by way of the musician’s Soundcloud, and that marked the beginning of what would become the striking music video for the song.

Upon hearing the track, Fausto immediately contacted Alice to make plans for a video, and after a lengthy back and forth entirely via online messages, the two decided to meet and film in Berlin.

“When I first heard ‘Society’, I knew right then and there that I had to make a music video for this song, at all costs” explains Fausto. “It moved and captured me in a deep and profound way. I was swept away by the haunting lyrics and the power of Alice’s voice. I remember lying on the floor in the morning light of my lounge listening to it over and over again.”

Alice Phoebe Lou Societ Music Vid BTS-3

After three days of filming around the city and in an abandoned house that Alice had scouted out, Fausto then traveled across Europe, America, Mexico and Cuba for six weeks, filming and composing the rest of the music video. The result is a haunting and altogether arresting audio-visual piece which both draws from and enhances the universal sadness and deeply pensive elements of Alice’s song.

“When Fausto first got into contact with me, I was overwhelmed by his message and the apparent impact that the song had seemed to have on him,” says Alice. “His message was incredibly sincere and honest and I immediately felt as though this project would be in good hands.”

Watch the video below and read our interviews with Alice and Fausto respectively for more on the duo.


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