Nobody Else presents the music video for TSA’s ‘Tried To Tell ‘Em’

Nobody Else is a creative agency founded by brothers Zolile and Mongezi Mcelu, with the purpose of catering to independent artists by helping them hone their raw talent into a viable source of income. The label is home to singer/songwriter TSA, who has recently put out a set of visuals for his track ‘Tried To Tell ‘Em’.

Mongezi, who works under the alias of Bambatha Jones, paired up with TSA on the video, and drew inspiration both aesthetically and conceptually from his flagship photo stories A Misguided Youth and Gatekeepers. Touching on similar themes to those presented in Bambatha’s photography, TSA’s ‘Tried To Tell ‘Em’ explores what it means to be young in the materialistic world we live in today.

The video debuted at Joburg’s newly revamped Banniester Hotel (Basement). “This has not only allowed the brand representative of the two artists to fast-track its name as a credible entity, but has allowed the young agency to give its interpretation on the city’s needs in terms of the party scene,” Mongezi says of the launch event.

Watch the video below, and see some behind the scenes footage here.


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