Watch: Felix Laband gives a rare interview on the making of ‘Deaf Safari’

Last year, after a decade since his pioneering album Dark Days Exit, South African musical treasure Felix Laband announced that he would be releasing a new album.

That album came in the form of Deaf Safari, a socio-political collection of contemporary media landscapes, looped vocal samples and strange South Africanisms, and was met with resounding excitement from his fans – both old and new. As part of the local launch and promotion of the nine track album, Felix’s management Black Major launched a series of live performances around the country, a rare occurrence for the artist. Cape Town based agency Popsicle TV were approached to film the journey and have recently brought out a short video showcasing a small part of it.

The video opens with a typically Felix Laband style scene where the artist sits smoking in front of a glass of milk while going a bit more in depth on the naming of Deaf Safari, a rare moment considering few interviews with him exist. The rest of the video sees a live performance of the track ‘Squeeze The Trigger’, replete with live bass by Shane Cooper (Card on Spokes) and visuals by Kerry Chaloner.

Black Major’s Andrew Aitchison explains that Felix and Kerry incorporated unique visuals to build on the overall performance, sourcing footage from various mediums, both old and new. “Felix incorporated live audio visual sketches in between songs and two unreleased tracks were included in the performance,” he says. “For every song, Felix and Kerry developed a video work to accompany the sound performance. The video’s were montages of collages and artworks of Felix’s, YouTube footage and videos shot off phone camera’s in various locations around South Africa.

Watch the video below and find more of Felix’s music on his Soundcloud

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