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Bringing gqom to Jozi: Behind the scenes with RudeBoyz and Chris Saunders

By now, the local gqom genre is well known both throughout the country and internationally, with foreign DJs and underground radio stations regularly playing the works of South African gqom producers. Over the past few years, there’s been some dispute as to where exactly the genre originated and who pioneered it, but it’s safe to say that Durban based outfit, RudeBoyz were there from the start. 

Recently, as part of Broaden a New Sound‘s Matias Aguayo #CHOWJOZI tour, the Boyz Masive Q, Menchess and Andile were in Jozi and met up with photographer Chris Saunders for a shoot. We caught up with the three gqom pioneers for a quick behind the scenes chat on what they’re up to next and how they plan on anchoring their sound in a more local market. 

 Rude Boyz - GQOM - Chris Saunders 02 Rude Boyz - GQOM - Chris Saunders 03Rude Boyz - GQOM - Chris Saunders 08 Rude Boyz - GQOM - Chris Saunders 04 Rude Boyz - GQOM - Chris Saunders 05 Rude Boyz - GQOM - Chris Saunders 06Rude Boyz - GQOM - Chris Saunders 01

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