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A militant, fan made video for Batuk’s anti-war dance floor track ‘Gira’

Not long after their breathtaking video for ‘Daniel’ off their forthcoming album, Musica da Terra, genre defying musical collective Batuk have brought out a new video for their previously unreleased track ‘Gira’, this time produced by a fan.

‘Gira’ (Portuguese word meaning to change or turn around) is Batuk’s third single and music video and is a poignant and political song of protest. The song addresses the ongoing war and conflict in Africa, and sonically, takes its cue from local dance floor culture, without being decadent or self-indulgent.

“This song is a loud call for change from the youth of Africa,” explains the group. “There are currently fifteen African countries involved in war, or who are experiencing post-war conflict and tension. The statistics are not only shocking and frightening, but the time has come for change.”

The fan submitted video was put together by an individual who was so taken by the live performance of ‘Gira’ that he subsequently dug through his collection of documentaries and stock footage to create a powerful montage. 

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