Ulfah Davids

A fresh start in fashion for Ulfah Davids inspired by 90s hip hop and abstract art

To express their admiration for emerging designer Ulfah Davids, photography duo The Seppis worked with her to create this crisp, cool lookbook. After seeing what she had produced for her graduate show, Seema Allie and Taariq September knew it was the ideal opportunity to showcase her talent for designing street style with an artistic flair. Bring on pristine white shades with spatters of colour, chunky chokers and voluminous, clean cuts.

Ulfah Davids

“The inspiration behind this concept’s design intentions are based on the hip hop subculture of the 90s, graffiti, Minimalism and Synthetic Cubism. Influences are drawn from street style, late 80s/90s windbreakers and ski jackets because of the bright colours and the over-sized aesthetic. The abstract art is a substitute for graffiti in this collection; this is to integrate appreciation for Synthetic Cubism while emphasising the reference to graffiti, by the use of the bold abstract prints,” says Ulfah. 

See the lookbook below.

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Fashion: Ulfah Davids /  Photography: The Seppis / Model: Kyla Phil


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