Dear SABC, are you taking requests?

On Wednesday music veteran Don Laka announced that as of Thursday (12 May 2016) all 18 of the SABC’s radio stations have to play 90% South African music – a tremendous step up from the previous quota of 35%. This sudden news has been met with polarised opinions; some argue that online streaming has made radio redundant, while others see this as a total game-changer for the local music industry. Of course the quality of the music radio stations will play to fill the 90% is up for debate (there’s an interesting opinion piece on Platform adressing this). Only time will tell what the long-term implactions of this decision will be, and that’s assuming it’s enforced past the 3 month trial period dictated by the direction that listener feedback sways. At 10and5 we’ve been championing local creativity for the past 8 years and if this means that lesser-known artists will get the radio play they deserve, we’re all for it. In response to and in celebration of the 90% rule we’ve sifted through our past music features to select a handful of artists and songs we’d love to hear over the airwaves. SABC, you listening?

Meet cipher gypsy Tribal Rebel Ludi and hear her potent new EP.

Watch a rare interview with Felix Laband on the making of Deaf Safari.

Late Night Fox pioneer a new sound with their genre mashing EP.

Get to know Loui Lvndn, the sonic whirlwind shaking up SA’s music scene.

 Listen to Buli’s surreal Delusions EP.

Read our Q&A with Dope Saint Jude on the release of ‘Brown Baas’.

Take a cosmic journey through WVV’s debut album Pulsar.

Lend your ears to Daev Martian’s smooth electronic sounds.

Watch the beautiful video for Branko feat. Nonku Phiri’s ‘Let Me Go’.

Hear spaghetti pop artist Gourmet’s decadent EP.

Read our interview with Sipho the Gift on hip hop and social realism.

Check out Leeu’s vigorous and collaborative debut album ‘Suid Tronica’

If you’re looking for more local music, listen to our guest-curated Young South Africa playlists with fresh music from Joburg, Durban and Cape Town.

Cover image: Loui Lvndn by Brian Molepo (left) and Dope Saint Jude by Jabu Newman (right).

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