42courses: The local startup merging gaming, advertising and e-learning

What if learning was as addictive as Candy Crush and beneficial to individuals as well as brands? Launched this month, 42courses puts a new spin on the traditional e-learning model by introducing gamification techniques that allow users to learn via a series of entertaining stories provided by their favourite brands. 

Chris Rawlinson, the founder of the startup, says, “I wasn’t so good at formal education; I never went to university. But I love learning about new things. The way the world is going, it’s becoming more important to learn a little about a lot rather than being an expert in one thing. I think that’s why I loved my job at Ogilvy so much, I was working across clients and agency divisions, learning about new things every day.”

Chris Rawlison

42courses is aimed at helping people learn a little about a lot and at the same time, trying to repackage online learning courses to make them more enjoyable and interactive. Brands spend millions of dollars to grab someone’s attention for a short time span but with branded learning, they can keep a person’s attention for longer and provide a tangible benefit that deepens the relationship between the brand and consumer. This can have serious benefits for branding and their marketing strategies. 

Their first course is provided by Ogilvy & Mather and teaches users about Behavioural Economics. You can learn from the agency’s vice chairman Rory Sutherland, author of The Wiki Man and renowned TED speaker, who is esteemed as one of the world’s most influential minds on the topic. 

“We have a natural trust in brands, which is why we are willing to pay more for their products and when brands share their knowledge and wisdom with people, empower them, upskill them, this builds an even deeper relationship. It gets you a fan for life,” adds Chris. The concept could revoluntionise the way brands market to consumers, and if all goes to plan, advertising won’t have to be an interruption in our lives. 

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Chris Rawlinson
Chris Rawlinson

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