Illuminate your workspace and win a trip to Sweden with the Haute Lumière light competition

Whether it’s cluttered, compulsively organised, tucked away in a booth, or part of a bustling hive, your workspace can be a telling microcosm of your personal life. Perhaps it houses an electrified screen, or maybe it’s covered in sprawling fabrics and paint splatters. Whatever your workspace may be, lighting will always play a key role, and the Haute Lumière light competition wants to see your personal light space.

HL 2016 inspiration poster

Sponsored by LED Lighting SA, Lights in Alingsås, Pamboukian Lightdesign, Regent Lighting Solutions and SA Fashion Week, the Haute Lumière light competition aims to explore and stimulate debate on light as a design medium. The purpose of the competition is to rethink the application of artificial light as a crucial, primary aspect of design and as an inventive medium that extends beyond the functional requirements of illumination.

The winner will be given the opportunity to attend the Lights in Alingsås workshop in Sweden. The educational workshop, led by leading European lighting designers, will see the participant working with the qualities of light and realise an urban lighting project with state of the art lighting equipment.

Think you’ve got the winning idea for a brand new, innovative and illuminating light design? Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  • Submit a set of drawings (detailing plans, elevations, sections and perspective).
  • Design a scaled maquette and material samples that indicate scale.
  • And lastly, give a written description, on the intent and philosophy of the design.

In terms of criteria, you need only ensure that your submissions:

  • Go beyond the mere fact that light exists.
  • Experiment with the unknown, push the edge and seek essence.
  • Work with perception and deception.
  • Show an understanding of light as a medium and how light occupies space.
  • Celebrate and promote excellence in the understanding and application of electric light.
  • And of course, are about light as a medium.

Deadline for registrations is 6 July 2016 while submissions close at 12 noon on 8 July 2016

Head over here to grab a registration form and find out more about the competition. Now clear that desk and get designing!

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