Throwback to #POSSIBLEConference 2016

 Last week we hosted our first ever two-day content creators conference, #POSSIBLEConference, in partnership with Estée Lauder Companies at The Alexander Theatre in Braamfontein. On the line up we had everyone from creative lawyers and mobile fashion store owners, to South Africa’s most famous Instagramers and YouTubers take to the stage in between photography masterclasses and live panel discussions. 

For those of you who missed out or weren’t online over the two days, we’ve put together our field notes from the conference as well as a few photos and tweets that sum up all the talks, tips and laughs that were shared.

Day One

Keynote speaker: ProVerb

The first speaker to take the stage and deliver the keynote was none other than ProVerb. Speaking on personal branding, the rapper and well known TV personality detailed his career from his days as a fledgling musician to his break into television, various brand partnerships and more. The rapper also highlighted the importance of separating personal and professional identities and how building a successful personal brand relies on maintaining a strict balance.


Working with brands: Jana+Koos 

Design super duo Jana+Koos took to the stage next and provided some industry insight into working with brands. Coupled with a few personal examples, the overarching theme of the two was to approach brands as humans in every aspect. If you don’t like someone, don’t work with them; be as open and communicative as possible, and always be open to collaboration were a few tips they offered.


Working with influencers: Anna-Belle Durrant

Speaking on behalf of boutique content creation agency, Golden was Anna-Belle Durrant. Focussing much of the talk on brands partnering with influencers, Anna-Belle offered up handy and insightful tips on how to both mould yourself as an influencer to work with brands, and how to go about approaching influencers and content creators as a brand yourself. She also highlighted the importance of images in modern day content, citing a handle on photography as an invaluable skill.


Working with brands: Punk & Ivy

Bianca and Khaya Sibiya were up next and gave a concise and inspirational presentation on the history of their style motique Punk & Ivy. The duo spoke largely on the wealth and importance of African ideas, businesses and content, saying that it was only after they had travelled to other parts of the world that they realised the potential for African business. The duo also highlighted the importance of not pinning your career or skill set down too early, saying that studying or working in a diverse or possibly widespread field will open up far more possibilities.


The brand of you: Ross Drakes

Taking personal brands into the realm of social media, Ross Drakes of NiceWork took the stage next. In a straightforward and concise talk, Ross highlighted the necessity of an online brand and personality, explaining that if you don’t create your own online identity, someone else will do it for you. He also spoke on the importance of following your passion and breaking away from what’s trendy in order to become recognisable in a supersaturated online realm.


Legal 101: Eitan Stern

Providing the audience with some little known and much needed legal advice was Eitan Stern of creative legal agency, Legalese. Also incorporating the element of social media and putting out important, but easily understandable legal tips, Eitan explained that in a time of online business, law is essentially still catching up with online tech and that an online presence is essential for personal brands and businesses, but that a firm understanding of how to navigate your brand online is essential.


Panel: Metrics with Webfluential 

Talking metrics was Kirsty Sharman of Webfluential who provided a detailed breakdown of how influencers effectively benefit brands and vice versa. She also highlighted the importance of being strategically selective when it comes to partnering with brands as a brand and influencer who resonate with one another are often the only successful and mutually beneficial partnerships. Kirsty was then joined on stage for a quick panel by Thozi Sejanamane and Joe Crann to discuss building a sustainable online presence that allows you to create engaging and influential content in a way that brands can use.


Creating content for TV: Brett Rogers

Moving discussions into video content was Brett Rogers of ‘Food, Booze & Tattoos’ who gave a brief history of his career before advising the audience on how to create content for television in South Africa. From formulating ideas to approaching sources and finding funding, Brett’s talk broke into a seemingly little known industry as a Q&A session after his talk raised much engagement from the audience.


Making money from YouTube: Grant Hinds

Last to take the stage on day one was YouTuber Grant Hinds, also discussing the creation of video content, but this time, in the online industry. Grant’s talk succinctly introduced audiences to the world of YouTube content and the subsequent monetisation of it. He also did well to tie in the overarching themes from all the day’s speakers such as making your brand personal, realising the potential for African based content, and the power of country-wide collaboration amongst others. Similar to Brett’s talk, Grant seemed to provide much insight into a lesser known form of content production and raised many pertinent questions.

Day Two

How I built it: Nandi Dlepu and Vuyiswa Mutshekwane

Kicking off day two was a pair of dynamic women and two of the four ladies behind one of Jozi’s favourite monthly events, The WKND Social. Also anchoring their presentation in the origins of their business, Nandi Dlepu and Vuyiswa Mutshekwane traced the story of how The WKND Social came to be and how smart and metered decisions on who to partner with and who to turn down resulted in much of their success. All brands aim to sell themselves, but some are more willing than others to give you control over how you introduce them to your audiences, and those are most often the ones who you’ll work best with, the two explained.


Masterclasses: Lifestyle, product and portrait image creation

Taking the audience out of their seats and all over the venue were the photography masterclasses. Split up into four groups led by Hanro Havenga, Lesedi Rudolph, Darren Gwyn and Bianca Theron, conference goers were treated to short presentations by the photographers before trying their hands at different styles of photography ranging from street style and portraiture to carefully composed product shots.


Panel: Gareth Pon and IGer friends

The last talk of the conference was by South Africa’s most well-known Instagramer Gareth Pon who, quoting the movie Big Fish a lot, listed the tools and tricks necessary for turning your online profile into a fully functional personal brand, constantly emphasising the need to adapt, evolve and re-evaluate your brand in a fast-paced online industry. Gareth then led a panel comprising Karabo Moletsane, Alexi Portokallis, and Craig Rodney which gave well-rounded insight into the world of brand/influencer partnerships from both influencers and brand owners themselves.


Launch: 5TUDIO

And lastly of course, we shared our own big news – the official launch and first screening of our showreel for sister branded content agency, 5TUDIO.  

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