Discovering the ancient, urgent and vibrant sounds of Africa with Batuk

It’s always a good sign for a musical act when they’ve achieved local and international fame without even having released a full album yet. Batuk is one of those acts.

Founded by Aero Manyelo, Spoek Mathambo, Carla Fonseca and Nandi Ndlovu, Batuk are a musical collective seeking to merge electronic elements with traditional and contemporary African music from across the continent. Over their short time on the scene, Batuk have released a few singles and music videos, each one a timely and hugely successful release, gearing up to their full album which drops tomorrow (27 May).

Recently, the group have brought out a short documentary detailing their trips around Africa, immersing themselves in various cultures and the music that comes with them. The documentary also details Batuk’s origins and their aim to platform African sounds through electronic music and live performance.

“A lot of our culture in South Africa is derivative of the West,” says Spoek Mathambo about seeking out different styles and genres across the continent. “So I was really excited to see stuff that was really ancient, but really urgent, really vibrant and really exciting.”

Watch the full documentary below and keep an ear out for their album tomorrow.

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