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Shop the Cape Town look in Jozi

Convoy, a boutique clothing store in the Bamboo Centre in Melville is the Jozi home of fave Cape Town brands Heart & Heritage, Selfi, Hannah Lavery, W35T, Merwe Mode and jewellery label Black Betty. The store is co-owned by the 6 female designers who each bring their signature aesthetic into the mix, and leverage their joint networks to build exposure for their respective brands in the Jozi market. The store hosted a special event last week for shoppers to meet the designers to find out more behind each label. 

The 6 Convoy Designers

About the labels 

Black Betty Jewellery Design incorporates hand-cut precious and semi-precious stones held by precious metals born from the earth designed by Kristin Weixelbaumer. There is a belief that precious gems choose the wearer and this is the basis for the Black Betty brand; encouraging a perfect match between gem and owner. 

Heart & Heritage is a lovingly made clothing range designed by Lesley Whitter. Lesley treasures the beauty in the craftsmanship behind the process of creating a garment from a concept. There is a focus on wearability, unique details, comfort, flattering fits and great love behind every garment.

Hannah Lavery is an eponymous women’s-wear label that celebrates subtle design and honours femininity in its duality of softness and strength. Drawing inspiration from the many and jarring polarities in her surroundings, Hannah explores the relationship between dark and light, hard and soft, flow and form.

Selfi is the label of Celeste Lee Arendse started in 2009. Inspired by architecture, forms and patterns in nature, each garment is designed to represent an innovative twist toward existing women’s apparel.
The name Selfi was created from the word self which stems from the dreamlike, juvenile part of the self which remains dormant to most. The idea was to unlock this state through playing with pattern, form and shape. Recreating, manipulating and ultimately capturing an essence or a spirit of the time.

W35T by Nicola West mixes masculine and feminine elements in a fun and wearable manner. W35T uses soft natural fabrics with graphic hand painted designs. A love of simple clean lines and bias cut garments, complement the feminine figure beautifully. The W35T brand enjoys the challenge of creating a garment using the least amounts of joins, without compromising on fit and comfort. W35T aims to provide its clientele with effortless elegance.

Merwe Mode mixes the best of European street style with the creativity, independence and unique flair of South African design and benefits from the creative expertise and eye for detail of two talented young women, Deeva Van Der Merwe and Sarah Wocknitz, from different fields coming together to create a powerhouse brand for South Africa that aims to be at the forefront of local fashion trends. Merwe Mode produces classic, clean cut androgynous looks with unique detailing from the use of original acid prints to quirky tailoring flair.

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