At the centre of the world: African street style

In the spirit of Africa Month, we bring you a collection a bloggers, stylists and designers who are documenting and shaping African street style now. Across the continent from Ghana to Kenya to Botswana and more, these are the creatives who love the pulse of African cities and the people who reside in them.

Dennis Mukundi 

Working under the name Tintseh, creative photographer Dennis Mukundi captures youth on the streets of Nairobi. He comes from an IT and graphic design background and despite having no formal training in medium, he fell in love with photography and began pursuing his passion two years ago. Since then, he’s become the official photographer for Sauti Sol, the first Kenyan band to scoop an MTV EMA Award. Follow him on Instagram and Facebook.

tumblr_o5vn0dyKHl1tmpszqo2_1280tumblr_o5j2hfuS6A1tmpszqo3_1280African street style

Ralph Kem

Ralph Kem is a 19 year old Nigerian student studying Tourism and Hospitality. His blog is a personal style diary featuring self-shot mini lookbooks and also showcases culinary arts, people and places that inspire him. In addition to his chic style and polished aesthetic, he’s also got a Youtube Channel where he vlogs about lifestyle trends. Check him out on Instagram.

African Street StyleAfrican Street StyleAfrican Street Style

Tsholo Dikobe

Style blogger and choreographer Tsholo Dikobe is from Gaborone in Botswana. Her Khoi-Fro blog combines lookbook shoots and fashion musings. Tsholo’s personal style embodies eclectic colour combinations that are always bright and bold. Follow her on Twitter.

African Street StyleAfrican Street StyleAfrican Street Style

Akin Faminu 

Nigerian medical student Akin Faminu has caught the fashion pandemic and puts a twist on street style by combining traditional garments with contemporary accessories. His blog, Artistic Insanity, celebrates detailed styling from head to toe and illustrates that he’s equally as comfortable kitted out in laid-back sneakers or a suave suit. Follow him on Facebook and Instagram.

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Allen Coleman

Once banker now turned professional photographer, Allen Coleman has been travelling around Nigeria, Ghana and South Africa for 5 years documenting creative scenes and style across the continent. “I have taken from everyone I have photographed, styled or interacted with,” he says. Follow him on Tumblr.


Loux the Vintage Guru

Lourens Loux Gebhardt describes himself at the “epitome of everything vintage”. He gave up his career in finance to become a Namibian fashion designer and only wears vintage clothes. Dapper with an edge of formality, he gives old clothing new life and reinterprets them with a modern feel. Follow him Instagram.

African Street StyleAfrcan Street Style

Noble Igwe

Like Akin Faminu, Noble Igwe doesn’t shy away from tradition and knows how to wear an Agbada with slim-fit pants. He’s a style influencer and media entrepreneur with a practical approach to fashion always preferring comfort over novelty. Follow him on Instagram.

African Street StyleAfrican Street Style

Tanya Mushay

Tanya is the clothing designer who was hailed the Creative Nestlings Young African Fashion Designer in 2015. Her label Nefertari means ‘beautiful companion’ and is for individuals who like to stand out from the crowd in vivid colours and bold prints. Tanya Nefertari, initially started as a platform to showcase the clothing she was designing, has since developed into an archive to build her brand and capture savvy street style in Zimbabwe. Keep up to date with her designs on Instagram and Facebook.

African Street Styletumblr_o15talQYPs1rw3dwbo2_1280African Street Style

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