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See Durban’s Zakifo festival through the keen lens of Niamh Walsh-Vorster

While most of the country’s jol enthusiasts recently divided their time between celebrating the announcement of a Rocking the Daisies hip hop tent and publicly and rather hilariously lambasting that Tiger Tiger joint, a local music festival took place, and with possibly one of the best line ups in a good while.

The event was Durban’s Zakifo Musik Festival and played host to acts like Sibot and Toyota, Driemanskap, Songhoy Blues, BCUC and many more. Like many Durban gems, Zakifo was a huge success, despite being largely underrated and arguably under attended.

Luckily for you, photographer Niamh Walsh-Vorster was there to document it all through a beautiful photographic vignette, comprising candid shots of artists, audience members and the general atmosphere of the festival.

ZakifoByNiamhWalshVorster (15)

“I think Zakifo is a typical Durban jol – chilled and eclectic. One night you had the Winston Pub kids running about supporting their friends Black Math, and the next was hip hop and jazzy beat lovers,” she explains. “The space was small, meaning you could literally walk across the field to see another musician. There was appreciation for all the music going on and every band and act who performed was supported.”

Niamh’s also had a long history of photographing live music, from big name acts at Rocking the Daisies and jazz cats at CTIJF, to Oppikoppi and all of its dust monsters.

“Music and photography can go hand in hand,” she says. “It’s almost like an intimate moment that only you can make with the person performing. Some musicians will help you out and play to your camera, giving you that consent and that moment to make a beautiful portrait of them. So it’s extremely exciting.”

Look through Niamh’s Zakifo images below and find more of her work on Tumblr. For more on Zakifo, visit their website.

ZakifoByNiamhWalshVorster (3)ZakifoByNiamhWalshVorster (17)ZakifoByNiamhWalshVorster (30)ZakifoByNiamhWalshVorster (29)ZakifoByNiamhWalshVorsterZakifoByNiamhWalshVorster (12)ZakifoByNiamhWalshVorster (7)ZakifoByNiamhWalshVorster (9)ZakifoByNiamhWalshVorster (21)ZakifoByNiamhWalshVorster (19)ZakifoByNiamhWalshVorster (18)ZakifoByNiamhWalshVorster (25)ZakifoByNiamhWalshVorster (24)ZakifoByNiamhWalshVorster (5)ZakifoByNiamhWalshVorster (6)ZakifoByNiamhWalshVorster (32)ZakifoByNiamhWalshVorster (35)ZakifoByNiamhWalshVorster (36)ZakifoByNiamhWalshVorster (34)ZakifoByNiamhWalshVorster (23)

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