Jake Singer: The future’s today

Poised precariously on the verge of chaos and order, Jake Singer’s work often appears to have exploded into being. But behind this catastrophic aftermath, Jake’s work derives from careful contemplation of the relationship between history, the present day as well as speculations about the future. The cities and urban structures that are common motifs in his work serve as metaphors of totems to permanence, order, structure and power. Yet against these solid fixtures cracks develop and the once monumental begins to crumble. Actively embracing a process of haphazard creation and working with contrasting materials like concrete and steel, plastic sheeting, sticking tape and ice, Jake probes the notion of permanence and temporality. The ice melts, the paper tears, the plastic comes unstuck. Deeply skeptical about power structures and entrenched systems of knowledge, Jake urges young South Africans today to be critical of grand narratives, to interrogate their personal beliefs and be mindful of the reciprocal actions that these may have. But most importantly he says to be kind, because the young people today are creating the future they will inherit tomorrow. 


Photoraphs of Jake by Travys Owen at Lampost.

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