Something old, something new: Spoek Mathambo drops his ‘Badimo’ EP

Sometime in between travelling the world, managing the latest of his musical super groups, and most likely filming another documentary somewhere, Spoek Mathambo found the time for a sly EP drop.  

Titled Badimo, the four track EP was co-produced and mixed by Jumping Back Slash and sees collaborations with well-known local names such as Card on Spokes, DJ Spoko, DJ Mujava, Loui Lvndn and more.

Almost all of the tracks featured on the EP have been previously released as singles, each one a huge success in its own right. To hear all four tracks come together and form a united musical impression, however, gives them a new twist.

‘Ubombo’ which features Marcus Price is awash with djembe beats and chopped up vocal samples while ‘Want Ur Love’ is a wonderfully catchy number, ringing through with generous jazz basslines and a great lyrical flow from both Spoek and Kajama.   

‘In You Go’ takes the original instrumental track from the Card on Spokes archives and throws some fresh vocals over it, the most impressive of which come from Loui Lvndn whose voice dances masterfully between long, torpid moments and those hard and high notes in the chorus. Then of course there’s ‘The Mountain’ which is almost entirely characterised by the militant snares and offbeat horns of SA’s Township Funk duo, Spoko and Mujava.

Today also sees the release of the Chris Kets and Spoek Mathambo directed music video for ‘The Mountain’.

Taking his interpretations of Pegasus Warning’s original lyrics, Spoek chose to film in Cape Town’s Khayelitsha township, with various scenes speaking to the simultaneous struggling and thriving that the track represents. 

Stream Badimo on Soundcloud, and you can also grab a copy of the EP with two extra remix tracks on iTunes, Bandcamp, and Spotify.

Music video credits: 

Directors: Spoek Mathambo and Chris Kets / Dancers: Kidds, Big Boy, Luster Luu and Richard / Cinematographer: Chris Kets / Editor: Chris Kets / Lighting: Stuart Kets / Producer: Spoek Mathambo and Takezito.

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