Get schooled by The Foxy Five, a new web series about intersectional feminism

Are you ready? The Foxy Five have entered the cybersphere and they’re putting the lens on intersectional feminism. “You often see YouTube videos of amazing black feminists explaining things, but I wanted to relay that into a story that people could relate to and understand,” explained writer/director Jabu Nadia Newman when we chatted to her a few days before she launched episode 1 of the web series.

Sparked by the #FeesMustFall movement, Jabu found herself unable to process the multitude of feelings roused by the protests and the consequences of structural oppression. She realised there’s so much to be discussed, debated and brought to our attention when it comes to African feminism. 

Feminism is about more than debating the growth of underarm hair and having bra-free days. We might shout ‘down with the patriarchy’ and reshare things on social media, but what does it really mean when it comes down to the lived experiences of South African women?

The Foxy Five by Jabu Nadia Newman (1)

African feminism is fierce and extends further than the sentiments of Beyoncé’s Lemonade because women in Africa don’t share the exact same experiences as African-Americans. So, while it’s good to be in the know about global feminism, it’s equally important to maintain a critical lens. Intersectionality gives us the space to simultaneously admire and be critical about the work of others. 

The web series is semi-autobiographical, although the cast members don’t play themselves. Donned in 70s attire and using archetypal characters as a departure point, they hope to portray the complex identities of black women and contribute to the discourse of South African feminism.

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The Foxy Five

Qondiswa James as Femme Fatale

The Foxy Five

Qiniso Van Damme as Prolly Plebs

The Foxy Five

Tatenda WekwaTenzi as Blaq Beauty

The Foxy Five

Duduza Mchunu as Unity Bond

The Foxy Five

Nala Xaba as Womxn We

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