Introducing Rooinek, the experimental electronic duo out of Jo’burg’s East Rand

A few months back, somewhere in Jo’burg’s East Rand, an emcee and a DJ/producer got together to create a new sound. Today you can hear the product of that partnership in Rooinek’s debut EP East Randers.

One half Vox Portent and one half Thami 2 Shoez, Rooinek is a progressive electronic outfit that’s one of the more experimental acts to hit the local scene. It’s no chance meeting either. The two had played shows together in the past, but both felt that things were becoming a bit too stagnant. After a few impromptu jam sessions, Rooinek came to be.  

“We’d had many jam sessions with the Hadedah crew beforehand and we saw a lot of potential. I eventually started writing up tempo beats in early 2015 and I got Thami to sing on a few of them, but it wasn’t until early 2016 that we had the idea to start a band,” explains Vox Portent. “We then started writing the songs that would eventually become the East Randers release.”

A collection of six tracks, East Randers is a decent blend of a few sounds, namely house, techno, dance and if you listen closely, a healthy dose of kwaito inspired break beats. On tracks like ‘Saved by the Bell’ the pair’s musical synchronicity is immediately evident. The lyrical hooks come in fast and infectious while Vox sits poised and ready, switching up the tempo and providing the perfect platform for Thami’s vocals.

‘Lost Today’ is another example of this. Thick, sporadic basslines rise and fall at just the right time leaving a clear path for Thami to weave in and out of, the end result being a brilliant musical dialogue.

“We’re very intense with rehearsal, but our main objective is to have as much fun as we can, because this is a break away from our more serious projects,” says Vox Portent.

Stream East Randers on Soundcloud, grab a copy on iTunes, and keep up with the duo on Facebook.

Featured image by Angus Mackinnon.


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    you guys rock, Chris