Curate your online listening with these 5 Soundcloud collectives

In terms of modern day electronic music, we’re a spoiled audience. DJs and producers are putting mixes, EPs and singles out at an unprecedented speed, to the point where it can all get a bit overwhelming at times. 

Thankfully there exist a few agregators to help us sift through it all. Based all over the country, various online collectives and individuals have been collecting and curating from the stream of local electronic music, either putting together their own mixes and playlists, or sourcing out guest mixes from artists.

We’ve taken a look at five of these Souncloud based collectives who dedicate their days to helping you curate your online listening experience.

Under Pressure Sundays

Under Pressure Sundays is a fairly new collective. They curate weekly playlists comprising their team of beatmakers and the occasional guest artist, with every Sunday bringing new music. Such a high production speed means the tracks fly fast and furiously, often stripped down to nothing but their raw percussive elements and a few sprightly bells and whistles. It doesn’t impact the quality of the playlists though, with each one being a well-rounded piece of sonic artistry. Under Pressure Sundays also hosts monthly listening parties which see many of their artists leaving the studio to get some much needed live DJing time.   

Emerald Feather Archives

The Emerald Feather Mixes are always something to look forward to. Curated by the Jo’burg based experimental collective Hadedah, each mix sees a guest producer putting together an original mix of their own tracks. Each mix functions as its own musical biography, meaning the Emerald Feather Archives are the perfect, in depth introductions to a collection of artists you may not have heard before.

The Mushroom Hour Half Hour

The Mushroom Hour Half Hour crew are some of the coolest kids on the block at the moment. With a brand new website launch, the experimental music imprint are most popularly known for their free flowing jam sessions, and their former pirate radio set up in Jeppestown. If you venture on over to their Soundcloud, you’ll see they’ve also started putting out ‘Choice Pickings’ mixes. The first one comes by way of Girl Blue and sees original artwork combined with 47 minute collection of soul, jazz, funk and more. 

African Pirate Radio

If you’re looking for something entirely new, African Pirate Radio is your go to account. They don’t produce any tracks or put any mixes out, but they’ve got their finger firm on the pulse of South Africa’s underground electronic music scene. It’s not all underground though. Soundcloud can often act as a mood board of sorts whereby carefully selected reposts can turn a Soundcloud page into a personal tracklist, and African Pirate Radio has a great one. Head over to their account for everything from Dope Saint Jude and Riky Rick to Macmillan and MISSU.


Shining some light on the lesser documented techno scene in SA is the Cape Town based Champagne collective. Each month sees a new and exclusive mix of local artists from big names on the scene to the lesser known DJs and producers on the come up. Champagne’s been slow and steady for a while now, with 11 unique mixes out so far.

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Cover image by Aidan Tobias at Party Under Pressure.

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