Don’t ask Thor Rixon about music

A delightful new web series has just hit our screens. Don’t Ask Me About Music featuring the spectacularly peculiar Thor Rixon is the first of an ongoing series that leans away from the generic, cliché-generating questions like “what does music mean to you?” and instead discusses everything except the expected, resulting in a unique insight into artist’s day to day lives and thoughts (no matter how rambling). Directed by Rob Smith, the only brief to Thor was to answer the questions as seriously and thoughtfully as he could, regardless of how random or absurd they seemed.

A few quick facts: Rob and Thor have known each other since high school and used to play in a punk/ska band together called Checked Zebra. Upon arriving at Thor’s house on the morning of the shoot with the cameras rolling, the crew found him in bed (with two other people sleeping on his floor) and decided to conduct most of the interview right there.

Watch part 1, ‘The Awakening’ here.

Taking a cue from the dry and entertaining tone of his new web series, we had a quick chat with Rob to talk about everything other than his filmmaking process.

Tell us an interesting story about your childhood?

I walked before I crawled. When I was 5 I fell down a stone embankment and cut my chin – to make me feel better about my scar my mom painted a beard around it and dressed me up as a pirate. I was so thrilled with this new look I continued to dress as a pirate for most of my early childhood.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?

I don’t eat weird things. Seafood and strange cheeses are even too weird for me.

Do you have any strange habits or rituals that you can’t shake?

I lose my keys on an hourly basis. I also hide things and forget where I hid them (my subconscious is clearly much more clever than I am).

What’s a really bad film that you secretly love?

The movie “Signs” is the scariest movie I have ever seen. I mean, seriously. When you see its foot slip in to the corn fields. Too much. I also love “Gone in 60 Seconds” – those cheesy one liners are forever ingrained into my mind.

What’s your party trick?

My party trick is to go straight from tipsy to being sick everywhere in rapid succession. I’m not a good drunk.

Describe this year so far in five words.

Control + Alt + Delete (I don’t need 5).

What does the most recent text you received say?

It’s a photo from my friend Bean of a cafe he’s at in Amsterdam called “Sweet Bob, Feel the Creamy”. (He calls me Bob.)

What’s going through your mind right now?

That I’m nowhere near as funny as Thor.

Do you want us to stop asking you questions?


Don't Ask Me About Music feat. Thor Rixon

The Don’t Ask Me About team plan to film the series across all creative spheres. If you’ve got any interesting characters to recommend, email them to – they’d love to hear from you.

Look out for part 2 of Thor Rixon’s video portrait on 11 July!

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