Gregg Thompson

Watch a hypnotic fashion film by Gregg Thompson and Roman Handt

Feral is an artistic collaboration between film director Gregg Thompson and fashion director Roman Handt. “It started life as a treatment for a Radiohead music video and evolved into a conceptual fashion film. We shot for two days last year and wrapped post production a few days ago,” says Gregg. 

Like the trackFeral’ from Radiohead’s King of Limbs album, the film also carries a hypnotic energy. Flickering light effects, an ominous soundtrack, rapid close-ups and garments that are stand-alone spectacles create an dramatic atmosphere contrasting between the age old binary of dark vs light.

Gregg Thompson

“I visualised to the Radiohead song as I wrote the treatment, we played it on set during filming (until our dancers couldn’t stand it anymore), and I edited the first assembly to it. Then I threw out the track and worked with my sound designer, Paul, and great music by Aleksandar Dimitrijevic to build a completely different sonic landscape. Feral may have been inspired by a specific song, but the film exists independently of it now…I love the notion of using music to directly motivate new work in other mediums – moving images, photography, art, design, screenplays, t-shirts, whatever,” Gregg writes explaining the process. 

The film’s beauty lies within the ability it gives the audience to vacillate between fear and curiosity. The costumes seem loosely inspired by medieval attire, and the extended form of the dancer’s physique turns the protagonist into a bird-like creature that’s in essence human, but in behaviour mysterious and magical.

Read more about the process and find the full credits for Feral on Gregg’s blog.

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