Mavuso Mbutuma & Nash Mariah do SAMW SS16/17

Last week was South African Menswear Week and we sent fashion stylist Mavuso Mbutuma and photographer Nash Mariah to be our eyes, ears, and taste-checkers at the event. Here are their highlights from the week. 

So once again, it was that time of the year where all the fashion hookers came out from their offices and it was time for them to wear all those amazing costumes that they never get a chance to wear. It’s the one time for the interns to snapchat their souls away… and document as much as they can. It’s that time of the year where you have to get you front row emotionless frown game on point. Most importantly it’s that time of the year we come to appreciate the hard work that our local designers have put into their collections, to make us gag with excitement and joy! Pity I was dying from the flu, which made me scared of everyone because I looked like shit. (I wish I actually got the flu a week in advance so that I could have lost a little bit of weight… sigh such a pity.)

Okay now let’s just talk about the amazing individuals that we went there to go support. So the first show to start us off was my good old friend Nicholas Coutts, it was a good start to prepare us for the rest of the amazingness that was to come with the week.

Nicholas Coutts

I loved this collection for so many reasons, from all the vibrancy that the designer served, with his textile textures and all the beautiful colours. His description of the collection just made me fall in love with everything even more. Coutts described the whole collection as a mixture of all the different sub cultures in our society, from your skaters to your goths etc. If anyone dares to try and purchase the beautiful emerald green jumpsuit, I will cut a bitch… just saying.

DSC00476 DSC00478 DSC00472DSC00484 DSC00488

Chulaap by Chu Suwannapha

The master of print was at it once again, with vibrant clashing prints coming at us from every angle was something that most of us enjoyed. It was a true African journey with accessories and makeup influence from the Omo tribes of Ethiopia, which was something that I appreciate. I never dare to wear an explosion of colour but maybe Chu can convert me… we will have to see and wait, and wait hard you must.

DSC00532 DSC00534 DSC00538 DSC00544 DSC00548 DSC00542DSC00533 DSC00507 DSC00511 DSC00529

Rich Mnisi

Oh where do I begin with this amazing African techno God! Every time he seems to play with our souls with such pure genius… from the small personal details of old family portraits vs. the strong colours and fabrics was just a beautiful personal element that he shared with us from his past whilst combining it with his now. I Die.

DSC00560 DSC00591 DSC00573 DSC00554 DSC00589 DSC00585 DSC00555

Lukhanyo Mdingi

Only a few knew this… well everyone did, at the end of this visual masterpiece I was in tears. This young man is such a visionary, the collection was an opulent story of a Transkei Aristocrat. The beautiful colours and new textile approaches left hookers wanting more! The amount of detail and attention to his presentation could fool you and make you think that this guy has been working in Paris since the earlier 60s with all the greats. I need every single piece in this collection or I will simply just fucking die!

DSC00577 DSC00566 DSC00580


Dicker Dicker Dicker! I can’t even, such a beautiful apocalyptic sexy show you gave us, from the do-rags to the makeup (as most of you that know me I’m a sucker for a good brow…). This young man gave us beautiful thin knits which I totally do need along with my Dicker choker.



Now this is my favorite street brand, which has always pushed and revolutionized what our street style is about. The show brought back some cool 90s sexiness to the runway which I adore because I was once that Nintendo/Sega playing creep. This gave that brand has so much more glamor for me. 

DSC00649 DSC00660

Sol Sol

This brought a smile to my face. I’ve also been a fan of this street brand for a while… I love how they kept true to who they are. With beautiful, simple details of what we know about local street wear, from models in different shoes, to the skater belt (just a simple shoelace) just made me love this show… the beautiful denim jackets made me gag with joy… and as soon as those are out I’m fucking ordering asap.

DSC00638 DSC00642 DSC00643DSC00652 DSC00640

Young and Lazy

Some people know that the easiest way into my heart is with hints of leopard print and my son Anees delivered. I’ve been a follower and lover of this brand from day one, and I must say I have loved and admired how they have grown. I just love some their simple sophistication that when you look at the details you will understand… loved the prints and need the black and white ankle cropped pants like yesterday.

DSC00656 DSC00678DSC00670DSC00673 DSC00667

Well done to every single designer that took part. 

And lastly, the street style…

DSC00682 DSC00618 DSC00609 DSC00605 DSC00493DSC00613DSC00503

Written by Mavuso Mbutuma who is represented by One League, with photos by Nash Mariah who publishes his images on his blog, The Relevant Blog.  

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