Watch FAKA’s lo-fi, glitchy tribute to black queer individuals

Ahead of their upcoming EP Bottoms Revenge, performance art outfit and musical duo FAKA have released the music video for ‘Isifundo Sokuqala’. 

Characteristically lo-fi and glitchy, the video opens on an iconic note seeing Fela and Desire ascend a lone hill, striking and silhouetted. Throughout the video the two move through a variety of spaces in a number of different outfits from taxis and parties, to sparse landscapes and lavish houses, all backed by spoken vocals and a pulsating, hypnotic bassline. Like all of FAKA’s works, the performance is as much a way of life for the two as it is a piece of art; a tribute to black queer bodies navigating everyday spaces in an unapologetic manner, despite the risks it may present.  

“This is an ode to all the powerful dolls who risk their lives every day by being visible in an unsafe world,” said FAKA on the release. “This is a celebration of those who have fearlessly embraced themselves. Because when your identity is the cause of your suffering in the world, you begin to fear the very source of your greatness in the world.”

Watch the video below and find more by FAKA on their Tumblr and Facebook.   


Director and editor: Kristin-Lee Moolman / Costume Designer: IB Kamara / Cinematography: Adriaan Louw / Performers: Ntsako Mnisi. Desire Marea, Fela Gucci.  

Between 10 and 5