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It’s the second 10and5 Lawn Games Tournament for Creatives and you’re invited!

Mid-year slump got you down? Why not join us for a bit of fun in the sun? No, we’re not talking about Pokemon GO (that’s reserved for office hours and adventurous lunch breaks), we’re talking about our second Lawn Games Tournament for Creatives and you’re all invited. 

As winter considers a hasty exit and Jo’burg starts to warm up a little, we’re offering a day of games, food, drinks, and an opportunity to network and meet others in the creative industry. Sound good? Good! Here’s what you need to know: 

  • Simply put, the 10and5 Lawn Games Tournament for Creatives is an opportunity to finally take that early Friday (if Cape Town can do it so can we, right?) slip into something a little less serious, grab a drink, and play a few games on the grass with like-minded individuals. Alongside boule, croquet, bowls and more, there’ll be be good music, food, drinks and friends.  
  • On the day you’ll form part of a dazzling team of four to compete against other teams. This means you can either show up with a group of friends or come alone and join a team, but either way, don’t forget to sign yourself up. Tickets are R75 per person and R240 for a group, meaning that if you rope in three friends looking for a good start to the weekend it’ll only be R60 each. 
  • All your friends are boring? No problem! Solo- riders can either be assigned to new teams or form their own ones, meaning you’ll possibly make a new friend, chat with a future business partner, or spark a new romantic flame, all completely outside of the internet. How retro?
  • Yes, there will be prizes, but that’s hardly the point you competitive fool! Winners of the individual games will win spot prizes while one team will be crowned the second Lawn Games Tournament winners, leaving with the much coveted floating trophy.  
  • The venue is fully licensed and has a full kitchen so you can leave stuffed to the eyes with all the good food and drink you desire. We won’t however, be supplying sunscreen or sunny dispositions. Sorry, we’ve done enough already.
  • Lastly, you may be asking yourself if you need to be an edgy creative-type with ironic tattoos, skinny jeans and bad music taste to attend, and the answer to that is no. While there will be a few strange-looking characters gracing the lawns (most-likely team 10and5), we welcome uppity business types, bookish introverts, overly-charismatic salespeople and more. Everyone deserves a break right?

Between 10 and 5