15 creatives you should be following on social media

There is no escaping the bitter sweetness of social media. Love to hate or hate to love it, it’s something we don’t need but struggle to live without. According to Smart Insights, there are 2.307 billion active social media users worldwide. Whether it’s to make everyone envious of your expertly curated online life, share work in progress, engage in a heated Twitter debate, put your “important” opinions out there or simply keep up to date with things, there’s always some way to justify the endless scroll through other people’s accounts (and the tireless updating of your own). That said, social media isn’t all bad. We wouldn’t be where we are without it. So to help you navigate the online maze, here are a bunch of creative accounts we’re following for their wit, beautiful work and thought-provoking content.

 For (serious) lolz

Niki-Jay / @nikijayb

Niki-Jay’s tweets are so hilarious that Martin Mezzabotta and Hugh Upsher started a Tumblr account to illustrate them. We’ll let you read the rest for yourself.

Gugu Mhlungu / @GugsM

Gugu’s Twitter bio says, “Dumbledore in the street. Voldemort in the sheets”. As a serious talk radio presenter on 702 and City Press Trending co-editor, she’s still manages to keeps things humorous with hilarious comments on pop culture icons and politicians.

Dinika Govender / @DrivingMissD

Dinika is a Thousand Network ambassador, creative thinker, baker and business developer. She calls herself a Sometimes-Poet and writes essays on Medium.

The Ruiner / @komkuierdashian

Janine has a thing for Oscar nominated actor, Jeff Goldblum. If he ever needed a photo caption writer, she’d get the job.


Deep Fried Man / @DeepFriedMan

Politics, entertainment and sport. Is there anything that he can’t make a joke about? From pointing out the ironies of political parties to the idiocy of the general population, Deep Fried Man has a tweet for everything and everyone.


Elsa Pelsjas / @elsaPelsjas

One word: copywriter. Four words: Obviously good with words.  Elsa has got 18.8K likes and somehow manages turn mundane details about daily life into witty observations and confessions.

Agent Provocateurs 

Lady Skollie / @ladyskollie

When you make headlines saying “Lady Skollie against the art world” then you’re bound to be worthy of following. Brazen and out-spoken, Lady Skollie is an artist that actively engages on social media using it as a tool to fuel debate, share work and cultivate her artistic persona.

Social Media  

Jana Babez / @janababez

Obsessed with pink and all things kitsch, performance artist Jana Babez calls herself a Zen Princess. She’s Absolutely Fabulous in behaviour confessing the ugly, shock-factor and humorously detailed realities of life.

Push Push / @niccisaintbruce

Rapper Nicci St Bruce’s Instragram is just as provocative as her music lyrics. If her latest pics are anything to go by, it looks like she’s up to something with her squad – you’d best keep an eye on her.

Social Media

Eye Candy

Tony Gum / @tony_gum

Described by Vogue as “South Africa’s style maven”, Tony Gum’s self-portraits evoke a world of visual splendor. Her work reboots the image of the female African body by deconstructing prejudice and enticing desire, and contributes a refreshing vision to South African visual arts.

Social Media

Anja Venter / @nannaventer

Anja aka Nanna Venter has a portfolio of graphic design, illustration, comic art, sketching, broadcast design and digital art but she’s not just your average illustrator. She’s been to London and back, completed a Masters in Degree in Media Studies and is working towards her PhD, which focuses on visual communication and archiving systems. Did we mention she also does a drawing a day?

Social Media

Meëk Meëk / @meek.meekier.meekest

In the mood to see some quirky illustrations? The Meekel sisters have a fun Instagram account showcasing their films, doodles, embroidery and new experiments.

Social Media

Cedric Nzaka / @everydaypeoplestories

Digital content creator and director Cedric Nzaka posts slick street style portraits on Instagram that look like magazine editorials. It’s refreshing to see pics of real people that aren’t heavily photo-shopped to suit superficial ideals.

Social Media

Gabrielle Kannemeyer / @gabriellekannemeyer

As a creative director and stylist, Gabrielle shares captivating visuals of behind-the-scenes pics from upcoming shoots or miscellaneous things that grab her attention. Her styling aesthetic has a strong conceptual base and she’s equally as good styling chic, clean-cut labels as she is with grittier, street style lookbooks.

Social Media

Imraan Christian / @imraanchristian

This is the man who shot the iconic image featuring a women holding up a sign that said “1976?” during the Fees Must Fall movement. Imraan shoots scenic landscapes, people and places that embody contemporary South Africa. His images are haunting with a dream-like quality transporting the viewer to another world.

Social Media

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