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Reflecting on the intricate and narrative-laden photography of Tauriq Dolley

It’s often the case that photographers set out to capture something monumental. To take a moment, a person or a place and recreate it in an arresting, immortalising fashion. In the case of Tauriq Dolley, the monumental comes in many forms, most frequently in the seemingly banal moments. But with Tauriq, it’s the narratives that always shine through the strongest.


First entering into the world of photography by way of a 5MP phone camera in high school, Tauriq grew up with the mindset that aspirant artists know all too well. “I never recognised art as being valid for most of my childhood. I was part of the ‘get a good job, be successful’ mindset that didn’t believe art to be a valid avenue,” he explains. “Despite this, it always piqued my interest, although trying to draw and manifest characters in my head on paper proved frustrating.”

Now of course, the Cape Town-based photographer brings characters to life through striking, textured, and conceptually rich images. Often favouring grey-scale works, Tauriq’s photography is narrative-heavy. Characters take centre stage through considered framing, and intimate portraiture. Likewise, his abstract images – stark white walls; playful, intricate shadows and hazy nights – use natural lines as adroit compositional tools which immerse viewers to a near-hypnotic effect.


 “Zooming out I would say my work is broadly a self-reflection, stemming from me being in a constant state of existential anxiety that I need to flesh out through imagery to help me understand,” explains Tauriq. “The portraits are extensions of that, and from there I would hope that my images act the same for anyone viewing them, helping them reflect.”

View Tauriq’s work below and find more on his Instagram and over at Cargo Collective

20160125-10and5_TauriqDolley 20160427-10and5_TauriqDolleyProcessed with VSCO with m5 preset

Processed with VSCO with 4 preset

TauriqDolley-Backup-20130822 20160630-10and5_TauriqDolley-220160630-10and5_TauriqDolley 20151011-10and5_TauriqDolley 20140728-10and5_TauriqDolley 20150516-10and5_TauriqDolley 20141022-10and5_TauriqDolley 20130331-10and5_TauriqDolley 20130604-10and5_TauriqDolley 20160128-10and5_TauriqDolley 20160323-10and5_TauriqDolley

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