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Premiere: Listen to Dada Shiva and yoyo’s funky new single ‘Dozier’

It’s the start of a new week and we’ve got some brand new music for you. Titled ‘Dozier’, the single is a strong, funk-infused and soulful track produced by Cape Town-based producer yoyo with a confident and catchy lyrical flow by Dada Shiva.

Yoyo’s fairly new to the scene, but he’s a prolific artist. The 21 year old hip hop producer has produced tracks for a number of local artists as well as putting out a plethora of his own work. Often characterised by the use of classic break-beat drum patterns, yoyo’s music becomes distinctly playful through the use of funk-infused horns or sprightly piano riffs that dance in and out of an otherwise resolutely rhythmic low-end.

We caught up with yoyo ahead of today’s release for a quick chat about making music, his collaboration with Dada Shiva, and who to look out for on the local hip hop scene.


First off, tell us a bit about how you got into producing beats.

I’ve always been interested in making music and I’ve been lucky enough to be surrounded by friends that have similar interests. I started on Logic X that a homie installed for me, and I kind of just started making music from there. But on the real, ya boy’s been making beats since day one.

Hip hop, in all its gaudiness, is usually focussed on the vocalist and not so much the producer. Is there a way we can shift the focus? Do you think we need to shift the focus?

Yeah, I definitely think its time we shift the focus. Producers carry just as much weight, if not more than vocalist, especially when it comes to hip hop’s current state. I don’t know, in my opinion the beat is what makes the track bang in the first place. I think a shift in focus will come naturally over time to be honest, as the beat scene in South Africa begins to grow more and flourish.

Tell us a bit about today’s track ‘Dozier’.

Dozier is more of a laid back, fun, funk-infused track with bars by my mans Dada Shiva as the beat switches from one to another. It actually features two beats coming off my beattape that I’ll be releasing next month. The track kind of happened organically. Originally I didn’t intend on having any vocals on it. I linked one half of the track to a homie I know from college and he ended up showing it to Dada. After that we ended up linking up online and he sent me bars to the track. Easy $. 

Any future projects you’re particularly excited about?

Yeah! I got this beattape I just finished up which I’m very happy with. I’ll be releasing it within a few weeks and some singles too. Keep an eye out.

Any local producers we should all keep an eye out for? 

In terms of local hip hop producers Damascvs, Skinniez, RxSolo and Odous are dope. In general, Gourmet and Maxime Alexander from 1991 are definite stand out artists in Cape Town. Hessien+ and Fever trails also kill the game.

Hear more by yoyo on his Soundcloud and Facebook.

Artwork by Michael Lane


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