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A guide to First Thursdays & other things to see and do: CT | 2 – 8 August 2016

Bring on First Thursdays! This week we’re keen to do some bidding at the Michaelis silent auction, view photography by Chris Saunders and see Gallery MOMO’s new group exhibition. Fear not if you’ve accidentally double booked yourself, you can always head over to Salon 91 this evening for the opening of Hanno van Zyl’s exhibition or book tickets for Daneel van der Walt’s captivating cabaret, Dani and the Lion showing this week at Alexander Bar. 

Stop 1: Gallery MOMO, 170 Buitengracht Street // 6pm

GEODESY by Dillion Marsh, Jonathan Freemantle, Martin Wilson, George Hallet, Maurice Mbikayi 

Gallery MOMO’s group exhibition GEODESY looks at our endless curiosity with space and how it contributes to human dignity and limitations. In art, we’ve always used two dimensional depictions of landscapes in an attempt to understand space and our relationship with nature, but is it really possible to capture the dynamism of the world on a flat plane? Visit here for more. 

First Thursdays

Stop 2: Red Bull Studios, 103B Bree Street // 6pm

Pantsula: A selection of images by Chris Saunders in conjunction with Impilo Mapantsula

Chris Saunders has been photographing isispantsula dancers since 2012. This series of photographs aims to share the story of dance and illuminate the performers and artists actively engaged in the movement today. Visit Facebook for more.

First Thursdays

Stop 3: Eclectica Contemporary, 69 Burg Street // 6-9pm

Michaelis Silent Auction 

Want to buy art? The graduating class of Michaelis School of Fine Art are hosting this year’s silent auction. Bids start as low as R50 and a buying option is also available for patrons who want to purchase the work instantly. All money raised goes towards the graduate exhibition and catalogue. Visit Facebook for more.

First Thursdays

Stop 4: Ebony Curated, 67 Loop Street // 6pm

The Mirror Complex by Richard Butler Bowden 

Richard explores the legacy of our history through paint and collage. The way art history engages with Africa and the diaspora is a central theme to his work. Visit here for more. 

First Thursdays

Stop 5: The Cape Gallery, 60 Church Street // 4:30-9pm

Wildlife – Adventure and Narrative 

This group exhibition pays tribute to the creatures we share our world with. “The annual Wildlife Exhibition allows artists to display their admiration and respect for the beauty and diversity of the natural world. These artists spend time in nature, observing the mannerisms of the creatures we share the world with in order to capture the intense action or intimate interactions. While many artists have a more traditional, naturalistic approach, other works are more playful and anthropomorphic,” says the gallery. Visit Facebook for more. 

First Thursdays

Other things to see & do: 

Tuesday 2 August 2016

Pay Dirt 

Hanno van Zyl’s work explores the underbelly of everyday South African life. His B&W illustrations highlight themes of economic disparity, violence, fear and class structures. See a few of the works on show and visit Facebook for more. 

Salon 91, 91 Kloof Street // 6:30pm

Hanno van Zyl

Wednesday 3 August 2016

Dani and the Lion 

Watch Daneel van der Walt and David Lubbe in this soon-to-be sold out cabaret. The story goes that the Den is a bar at the end of world and Dani and Leo are giving their final performance before it shuts down. Catch them belt out blues songs at Alexander Upstairs. Click here to book tickets.

Alexander Upstairs, 76 Strand Street // 9pm

Cape Town

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