5 designers we’re looking forward to at 100% Design

The 100% Design contemporary showcase opens tomorrow at Gallagher Estate and we can’t wait to see the range of products, furniture, decorative items and trends on exhibit at this year’s event. Once again we’re co-presenting the 100% Talent lineup of new and emerging designers which are making their mark on the local design and maker scene. This year’s exhibitors include textiles, furniture, objects, art, ceramics, media and interior design. Here are 5 designers we’re looking forward to. 

Bbellamy & Bbellamy Textiles

Hand painted textiles from Muizenberg that take inspiration from the nearby sea, flora and fauna. The fabrics are all manufactured using low-toxicity, water soluble inks on biodegradable base cloths that don’t generate landfill or ocean plastic. 

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Fabrica Ndebele Burglar Bars

Based on research of the meaning behind the shapes and colours of Ndebele artwork, Fabrica has developed a range of burglar bars that are aesthetically beautiful pieces of design. These pieces are making their debut at 100% Design this year. 


Mia Mélange

This home decor & accessories label features handmade yarn and textile pieces. The designs are inspired by nature, texture, natural materials and ancient crafting techniques. 

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Meraki Jewellery Design 

Each piece of Meraki Jewellery is hand crafted by Cape Town-based designer, Megan Keyser. Using raw stones, Sterling Silver and recycled Brass, Megan creates delicate, timeless pieces that draw inspiration from geometric forms in nature, her travels and an appreciation for well made objects and heirlooms. 

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Tydloos Clocks

With architectural background, the designers behind this brand features sophisticated modern design products that are functional and timeless. The brand philosophy views design as a perfect bland of form, function and excitement. 

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