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Grassy Spark release a narrative-laden video for ‘Here I Am’ ahead of their debut album

Ahead of their upcoming debut album Portal, seven-piece ska-punk act Grassy Spark have released the music video for their single ‘Here I Am’.


An undeniably catchy track characterised by rhythmic chords, steady percussive arrangements, and charismatic vocal harmonies, ‘Here I Am’ is as much a summation of the jubilant Grassy Spark sound as it is a declaration of sorts – a message by the band and one meant to resonate with all who listen to it.

“’Here I Am’ tells the story of a narrative existing within every single person,” explains frontman Josh Riley. “It carries the message of overcoming one’s doubts and obstacles and taking that first step forward towards achieving one’s dreams.”

Directed by Thor Rixon and produced by Tash Montlake, the accompanying video sees a set of characters rooting their way through a dense, leafy forest. As they race on, a narrative unfolds, doubling up on itself and culminating in a poignant twist towards the end.

‘Here I Am’ is the second single and music video be released ahead of Portal, with the first being Living In A Paradise’  with Jeremy Loops. What can we expect from the upcoming 11 track album?

“An over-abundance of hard-work, blood, sweat, and tears. We can’t say what they will experience exactly, but can assure them they will be moved by the amount of effort and power we put into it,” says the band. “The only advice we can give them is to listen to it with an open heart and an open mind, it is different from where we came from, and we will continue to carry this perspective on diversity through sound with us as we journey through life; our ethos is change and our mission is to promote positive evolution and creativity.”

Pre-order Portal here and find more by Grassy Spark on their website and Facebook.


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