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Our top picks at the Open Design Cape Town Festival 2016

The Open Design Cape Town Festival is here! Get ready for 12 days of jam packed design-centric events that are set to inspire, provoke debate and showcase world class innovation. From sublime talks, to interactive workshops and exhibitions, there’s always loads to choose from. We’ve made it easier for you,  and put together a list of exhibitions, speakers and tours we’re most excited to check out.

The Maboneng Township Arts Experience – Langa Township Tour 

The Maboneng Township Arts Experience works together with families and artists converting homes into galleries. As a non-profit, social entrepreneurship and tourism organisation, they aim to empower people and accelerate transformation in communities. To date, they’ve created 50 news jobs, started 20 new businesses, added 15 new Gallery Homes and are one of the Top 32 Public Art Programs in the world. Go here for more. 

Open Design

 The Hero Expo 

The 4th annual Hero exhibition is a showcase of all our favourite comic heroes that have been customised on sneaker skates by professional illustrators. Sponsored by Artfarm, and Friends of Design – Academy of Digital Arts, it looks to be a fun showing of comic-style drawings from a range of artists. Click here for more.  

Open Design

The Black Filmmakers Festival 

A live performance, a discussion, six short film screenings and networking opportunity is on the cards if you attend the Black Filmmakers Festival. They’re an innovative platform that puts the spotlight on phenomenal film talent and provides opportunities for artists to showcase work. Often the screenings are followed by informative discussions around topical themes both about the the process of viewing and making films. The topic for Open Design is ‘Are you we shut out or missing in action?’. For details go here

 Open Design

DHK Expo – Past, Present, Future

The Architect Gallery at the Cape Institute for Architecture is hosting an exhibition curated by DHK. Hand sketches, 3D visualisations, drawings and photography document the process and art of the architecture over the years. DHK is a multi-disciplinary company focusing on architecture, urban and interior design, while The Architect gallery is space dedicated to encouraging discussion about the future of built environments and how they can reach transformative goals. Click here for more info. 

Open Design  

Woodstock Art and Grafitti Tour

Woodstock has an abundance of graffiti that resides in main streets and hidden alleys. In this community, graffiti is not merely decoration but tightly woven into their social history and is viewed as a tool to bring positive change. If you’re curious who the street artists are and why their work is significant, then put this two-hour walking tour on your to do list. Visit here for booking details. 

Open Design

Talk100: Are we ready for the fourth industrial revolution? 

Make sure to pencil this in your diary because it’s the flagship Open Design event. Role models, thought leaders, game changers and industry innovators share their stories and ignite conversations about design, entrepreneurship and innovation. Session Two explores the idea of a fourth industrial revolution with Robyn Farah, Lars Espeter and Alan Ball. Insights from a tech activist, drone pilot and game developer are guaranteed to inspire all who attend. The event is free but be sure to book because there’s limited space. Click here to see the entire list of talks. 

Open Design

Culture Connect ZA

Ever wondered about the emergence of the African metropolis? Professor Andre van Graan will be giving a two hour talk starting at the Groote Schuur mansion exploring the unique developments of the South African metropolis. This includes the attendance of Professor Vivian Bickford-Smith’s new book launch, The Emergence of the South African Metropolis. Click here to book. 

Open Design


Women in Tech 

Bring on pizza, wine and discussion tables for women to network and learn about each other’s industries. Women in Tech is all about building networks, collaboration and solving problems faced by industry professionals. This time round, a female interactive audio developer from the Netherlands will be sharing a game she’s developed called DuoDisco. Click here to find out what you need to bring to play. 

Open Design

The Mask You Live In

This award-winning documentary is premiering for the first time in Africa at the Labia. The film explores issues around masculinity faced by boys and young men and looks at ways in which society promulgates their challenges, rather than seeking to understand and fix the genesis of gender-based problems. Click here for more. 

Open Design


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