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The road to Oppikoppi

Our Jo’burg team recently had the chance to take the awesome new Volvo V40 for a spin. For a week we used it to run our daily errands, visit art openings and creative events in the city, drive to film shoots, and, best of all, we were given the go ahead to take the car on a road trip to Oppikoppi.

The 10and5-ers who braved the dust were Lauren Mitchell and Elisma Roets, both seasoned Oppi-goers, and Caswelldin Tau and Layla Leiman, who were attending their first ever Oppi this year and had no idea what they were in for. If you haven’t already seen our Koppi Konfessions video, give it a squiz here.

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Oppi, here we come!

Scroll down for a couple BTS pics and snaps of the journey but first, here’s what Lauren had to say about travelling in the Volvo V40 to Oppikoppi and back again.  

“I didn’t think I would ever be a potential Volvo client until I drove the V40. We made the mission to Oppi on Thursday the 4th and even though we left quite late, the trip was nice and smooth. It helped that the car speeds up quickly enough to overtake slower drivers on a one lane road without feeling like you’re going to die. The weather was pretty dismal that day but luckily we could switch the seat warmers on, else we definitely would’ve frozen our butts off. I loved that the user-interface of the Volvo is so simple, so it’s easy to access all the handy functions. The interior is really beautifully designed too.

I’m not gonna lie – when we arrived at Oppi I felt super official because we were in such a fancy car. People saw the 10and5 logo on the side and they were waving at us and shouting “nice ride” – so that was cool. We’d packed four people’s luggage for four days without any hassle – including clothes, food, filming gear, alles. It was great to have the Volvo with us because it meant we had a place to store our gear when we weren’t shooting, so we could drop off camera bodies, lenses and memory cards and know they’d be safe. It’s so easy to lose things in the madness that is Oppi. Another perk was being able to use the V40 for a round of carpool karaoke with The Tazers!

After we’d arrived back in Jo’burg on Sunday, we realised we’d gotten all the way to Oppikoppi and back without having to fill the car up on the road – when the tank’s full it can last up to 1000km’s which is pretty amazing and economical. Overall, the experience completely changed my perspective on Volvo. It was fuel efficient, fast and powerful, and just really fun to drive. I would honestly buy a Volvo if I had the money, and it was kinda heart-breaking for me to give it back.”

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Gear check before hitting the road

Hello Oppi!

Arrival at The Unsea

Petite Noir killing it

Petite Noir killing it

Elisma was VERY prepared

Elisma was VERY prepared

Carpool karaoke fun with The Tazers

Carpool karaoke with The Tazers

Bye, Oppi!

Bye, Oppi!

Dusty, but home safe

Dusty, but home safe

Need a ride? Make the journey your own with the new Volvo V40. The world’s safest hatchback has been updated for 2017 with a classier look and a renewed sense of character, placing emphasis on the individuality of the driver in every respect.

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