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Job shadowing diary: 51st floor views and goodie bags for days

Grade 11 student Nina Jacobson spent three days with the 10and5 team for her job shadowing assignment. Here are her diary entries and a few doodles that capture her experience from 11-13 August 2016.

Nina Jacobson Job Shadowing with 10and5 (1)

Day 1 – Thursday 11 August

My alarm went off at 8am – the earliest I’ve woken up all week. It’s my summer vacation and I have to job shadow for my L.O. project. When I got the project in early January I decided, typically, to procrastinate until August (because why not?) and then emailed 10and5 because of a little voice, influenced by my late-night trawling sessions, telling at me that it would be a pretty awesome experience. Turns out, the little voice was right, but more on that later. I decided to dress half business-y and wore a shirt and a blazer. My mom was pretty impressed that I managed not to wear my trademark band t-shirt and docs combo. Unfortunately, when I walked into the trendy office-not-office at the Media Mill I felt like the most formal poof there. Damn, I should’ve gone with the Nirvana shirt. Shyly I made my way to the nearest corner and doodled a good hour away until it occurred to me that I should probably introduce myself. Everyone was pretty nice to me, and I felt chilled vibes sent my way. I relaxed a bit more, at least as much as you can relax while wearing a blazer.

After sitting in a meeting about strategies and call sheets and teamwork and stuff, I joined Lee-Ann Orton and her team on their Journey to the Centre of Ponte to meet Dope Saint Jude (she really is dope by the way). It was epic. I didn’t expect security to be so tight but I managed to sneak in with a whole bag of camera gear and no ID. We went all the way up to the 51st floor and the views were just spectacular. I felt like a giant. It was like looking down at an architect business plan of the city with moving cars and tiny people walking on the pavements. We set up a space in the stairwell with all the cameras for the interview and fixed Catherine with a mic. She was bubbly, really down to earth, and downright rad.

We left Ponte and headed into Braam to Kalashnikovv Gallery to interview artists for the FNB Art Fair. It was really great to listen to different people’s takes on the topic of African art. While the interviews were being conducted, I walked all the way to the roof of the building up the fire escape and caught the afternoon sun hitting the tops of apartment blocks and staining everything gold.

Nina Jacobson Job Shadowing with 10and5 (4)

Day 2 – Friday 12 August

I got to sleep in a bit today but at 9:30am I was at Laerskool Jan Celliers to prep for the Creative Womxn conference. And boy did we prep. I covered so many chairs I feel like I could add it to my CV – Nina Jacobson, professional chair coverer. And don’t get me started on the gift bags…so many gift bags…

Prep was actually kind of exciting, I mean, I got to be part of making something cool happen. It felt really good. And my event planning skills are levelled up so I feel like a pro now. I was really proud of the work we did. I even got to take home a Skinny la Minx purse for my mum (free stuff will always be bae).

Nina Jacobson Job Shadowing with 10and5 (3)

Day 3 – Saturday 13 August

Up at 6am and dying inside slightly. But also stoked for the conference. It was all very confusing and I needed a lot of caffeine. Last minute prep was followed by free food which made life so much better. There were a lot of womxn, obviously, but they were all super cool and the feminine energy was potent. It was intense, and super awesome. I loved it. Hell yeah. Womxn rule. The speakers were numerous and all inspiring. The energy was great. I felt uber creative and inspired and just about ready to burst with all the positive vibes being given off by all the speakers. They were so motivational gaaah!

I learned so much about following your passions – from Helen Sullivan’s working for Prufrock to Anthea Moys expanding horizons through art. My favourite speaker was Zanele Muholi because of her activism and astonishingly brilliant photography. I thought her message was one of the most powerful because she stressed the need to tell our stories and to leave a mark where it mattered. I think what she does regarding telling the stories of people from different backgrounds in relationships that aren’t heteronormative is extremely relevant and important in recording the history of people. It resonated with me and I feel fuelled to create meaningful art now (thank you). Conference success achieved. Gold stars and free bubbly for everyone!

10and5 remains my favourite trawling site and now has become all the more meaningful after meeting the creative and dedicated people who work there. I’m ready to drop out of school now. Do I need a matric certificate for you guys to employ me? I can’t thank you enough for inspiring me. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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Nina Jacobson Job Shadowing with 10and5 (2)

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