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First Thursdays

A guide to First Thursdays & other things to see and do: CT | 30 August – 5 September 2016

It’s Spring! It’s also First Thursdays, and there’s no better way to kick start a new season and month than with a dose of local art. We’d encourage you to venture out of the CBD to Woodstock, where there are three exhibitions happening at Whatiftheworld and new work by Igshaan Adams at Blanc Projects. Here’s what else is on and worth a look. 

Stop 1: Youngblood Arts and Culture Development 70 – 72 Bree St  // 5 – 9pm

Sylvan by David Griessel

With Sylvan, David Griessel explores his lifelong obsession with trees. “Ever since I was little I have been captivated by the labyrinthine constellations of tree canopies around me. This fascination has never led to a truly scientific study of trees and plant life, but rather an aesthetic and almost spiritual appreciation. Therefore as an artists and especially an artist who works within the realm of the fantastical, I have taken imaginary liberties with my depiction of the natural world,” he says of his latest collection of drawings and paintings. Check Facebook for more. 

First Thursdays

Stop 2: 99 Loop Street // 5 – 9pm

Jameson presents: 100x Closer

What lies beyond the vision of the naked eye? Jameson Whiskey collaborated with microscope-enthusiast Elden Swart to farm whiskey crystals from their four cocktails and photograph the results. See what the inside of a drop of Jameson looks like. Visit Facebook for more. 

Jameson 100x Closer Sneak Peek (1)

Stop 3: StateoftheArt Gallery, 61 Shortmarket St // 5 – 9pm

PORTRAIT by Mila Posthumus

Mila Posthumus’ third solo exhibition is a figurative exploration of the melancholic, the uncertain and the vulnerable aspects of daily life. Objects litter the scene with clues as to who might inhabit the space and what may have unfolded. The viewer is challenged to interpret what the moment conceals and reveals. Visit Facebook for more. 

First Thursdays

Stop 4: SMITH, 56 Church St // 9am – 9pm

Arc and Toll by Anna Van Der Ploeg 

Arc and Toll documents Anna’s passage to becoming a book keeper and delves into the metaphors pertaining to the profession. The exhibition consists of monotypes, charcoal and pastel drawings, oils in paper and wood and metal sculpture objects. See Facebook for more. 

First Thursdays

Stop 5: Alliance Francaise du Cap, 155 Loop St // 4pm

Obsession by Robert Nzaou-Kissolo

Robert’s photography celebrates the strength and beauty of natural hair which has become a powerful symbol of beauty and resistance in global and local context. Visit here for more info. 

Cape Town

Stop 6: Michealis School of Fine Art, 31 – 37 Orange Street // 4pm

When Tomorrow Comes 

“How might art face up to droll dystopian fantasies of social and environmental collapse? How might it challenge the oddly consoling idea of absolute conclusion? How, in doing so, might art subvert theological logic and, in doing so, help to secularize the imagination?” Visit here for more. 

First Thursdays

Stop 7: Blanc Projects, 113-115 Sir Lowry Rd, Woodstock // 6 – 8pm 

Oorskot by Igshaan Adams

‘Oorskot’ might mean the remnants of something, an excess, or the mortal remains of a person. With mass-produced waste matter and remnants of remnants, Igshaan Adams investigates line and texture with floor-to-ceiling sculptures. Visit Facebook for more. 

First Thursdays

Stop 8: Whatiftheworld, 1 Argyle St, Woodstock // 4pm

Dear Europa, Qokobe and There are Gold Flecks in the Lapis

Three exhibitions in a single space! Dear Europa is a group exhibit that explores issues pertaining to the problematic relationship between Europe and Africa. Qokobe speaks to and calls for an end to a system whose continued wealth is dependant on Black exploitation. There are Gold Flecks in the Lapis by Morné Visagie deconstructs a conversation between him and artist Murray Kruger. See Facebook for more.

Whatiftheworld, 1 Argyle St, Woodstock // 6pm 

First Thursdays

Other things to see & do: 

Wednesday 31 August 2016 

Lance Herman live at the Gin Bar 

Lance Herman is playing at the Secret Gin Bar with Ryan McArthur and Jonno Sweetman. Be sure to book tickets for a poetic, wistful and sublime music experience. Visit Facebook for more. 

64A Wale Street // 8 – 12pm

Thursday 1 September 2016 

Autodesk University Extension (AUX) South Africa 

Attend the country’s biggest event for architectural, design and engineering professionals. Themed ‘The Future of Making Things’, this year’s objective is to tap into SA’s expertise in the design area and further this in conjunction with sustainable and global trends. The line-up includes Jonathan Knowles, Dion Chang and Kostas Samaras. They’ll highlight what consumers seek in design and the lastest developments in global design and engineering spheres. Registration is already open, visit their site and get involved. 

4 Energy Lane, Century City Convention Centre  // 9am – 6pm

First Thursdays

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