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Creating a visual language: The conceptual lens of Sipho Biyam

“I have always been a visual being,” begins photographer Sipho Biyam. “I feel as though sharing the moments, concepts and experiences I capture is the greatest part of it. It’s a reminder of my existence and the many life lessons I’ve gained from my practice of photography over the years.”

A current multimedia recruit at Umuzi Photo Club, Sipho is a photographer with a knack for conceptual storytelling. His lens is a fixed and considered one and has brought into frame many a story, be it the quiet, dusty workshop of a Jeppestown craftsman or the reclamation of the African narrative that’s been continually warped through the very medium of photography.

Sipho’s images are at once present and nostalgic, largely due to the lush, hazy filter he drapes over his images. “I enjoy the use of filters to grade my photographs according to the themes I base my photography on,” he explains. “Themes are amplified by the use of these filters, and the nostalgia that comes with the use of certain filters affords me the opportunity to create my own visual language.”

View a few examples of Sipho’s work below and see his latest photo series Simulacra, a conceptual work that investigates how interactive technologies such as smartphones and social media platforms give society the ability to create digital alter-egos, something Sipho believes is an obscured representation of how individuals experience identity, privacy and reality. 



Ravi’s Passion for Craft




Find more by the photographer on Behance and Instagram.


Ravi’s Passion for Craft: Featuring Ravi Lalla // Art direction: Lesego Maphutha

Dissonance: Featuring Paballo Seboka and Kwazinkosi Ndebele // Art direction: Sipho Biyam

Simulacra: Featuring Moipone Tlale // Art direction: Sipho Biyam

All photos by Sipho Biyam.

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