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Top 5 x Dean Petersen

To celebrate the first global creative platform for NB Lifestyle, New Balance South Africa is releasing a three-part video series centred on the idea that numbers speak louder than words. In this clip we’re introduced to Cape Town based Instagrammer, adventurer and New Balance tastemaker Dean Petersen.

We caught up with Dean for a countdown Q&A to get to know the man behind the lens a little better.

Show us your 5 favourite photographs.

1. My current favourite portrait was taken at Llandudno beach amongst the boulders. It was super windy and I found this nook between two large boulders shielding us from the wind as the sun was setting. The light and colour and textures just worked perfectly this day. The girl’s name is Rosanna Heydenrych, she’s amazing.

Rosanna-portrait by Dean Petersen

2. Not sure what to dub the style of this image, but I just love how it all came together. At the right moment as the group walked ahead I just stood back waiting for any moment, and without fail there she was again (Rosanna). What I love about this image is that it feels like a completely different country. Unplanned, I caught her in the crowd and her face just stood out with the right light.

Sat 13 Aug-11 by Dean Petersen

3. Probably my favourite shot for such random reasons. So I will let the image do the talking. Timing and patience is what it took to get this shot. His expression tells a million tales. Keeps me wondering, almost hypnotised by his gaze.

Looking back at Deanventures like, ag - by Dean Petersen

4. Currently one of my favourite shots because it shows what timing, lighting and the glorious wonders of nature can do to any random location you may have overlooked.

franklight by Dean Petersen

5. One of many moments I enjoyed waiting around for. The bird crawled between my feet when I assume he thought I was not a threat to him, so he took up prime real estate in the buffet of lays salted chips and peanuts I laid out for them. 

Sat 13 Aug-6 by Dean Petersen

Tell us about your 4 must-have pieces of gear.

My camera – a Nikon D7200. My 18-140mm and 50mm lenses. A good backpack. And the Landy – check #landyventures if you’re curious.

Where are your 3 favourite locations?

Llandudno, Franschoek/Paarl, and the last one’s my secret.

Who are 2 artists you’re inspired by?

The two most inspiring artists to date must be my brother Zeno Petersen (@zenography), the man who got me started in photography, and his love Peggy “Ardeinae” (@pegasi_). Together they go by @pegandzeno. The other is my current sidekick Braden Smulders (@b2two), he keeps me on my toes and is always willing to mission!

What’s the 1 thing that keeps you ‘always in beta’?

The constant need to better myself, not only my photography but me as a person. To stay humble, stay true to a just cause, positivity is key. Growth and the feeling of achieving is the best feeling ever, so why not try to be better everyday!

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New Balance x Dean Petersen 1

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