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5 web shows that are mandatory viewing

When it comes to online video content there’s an overwhelming selection to choose from. Instead of watching cat videos, why not opt for some local web series? South African creatives are producing thought-provoking content, allowing the world to view our stories without the wash of western media. We’re finding our voices and expressing them loudly for all the world to see and hear. Not sure what to watch? Look no further, here’s a list of 5 of our favourite web series that you should definitely check out. 

The Foxy Five

Created by filmmaker Jabu Newman, The Foxy Five tackles intersectional feminism with a 70s aesthetic. Meet Femme Fatale, Prolly Plebs, Blaq Beauty, Unity Bond and Womxn as they fight the patriarchy and tear down oppression. It’s time South African women joined the global conversation on feminism and The Foxy Five are here to make that happen. 


Based in Jo’burg, this vox pop-style web series will let you feel the pulse of young South Africa. Mangi Mbileni, Nanke Hawes and Baba Gqubule take to the streets and ask locals for their opinions about topical issues. If you want to know what people think about natural hair, SABC’s 90% local quota, racial relations and black tax then check out Unfiltered’s short vids for a variety of perspectives on different topics. 

Grow a Pair 

“The very little sex-ed we did get in our lives was so awkward, conservative and uninformative that we decided to use our passion for filmmaking to educate (and entertain) those around us,” explains Black Gosling, the all-girl production company behind Grow a Pair. Here’s a real take on sex from women who aren’t feminazis and include men in the conversation. Be informed, entertained and educated.

Broke Niggaz

Ever wondered what goes through the minds of young men? Broke Niggaz is about a group friends who expose us to the realities of Jozi millennials. Shot in black and white, the series centres on the various discussions they have with regards to women, status, education, style and anything that’s to do with their daily lives. They’re the kinds of conversations worth listening to because they’re sincere and without the pretence of a life filtered online. Also check out Rantpage, the newest series from Broke Niggaz creator Anarchadium.

Pap Culture 

Nwabisa Mda, Thembe Mahlaba and Bongeka Masango are becoming YouTube superstars. Pap Culture’s channel is broken into four parts; ‘Reacts’, ‘On Location’, ‘Talks’ and ‘Ride Along’Their content has a great mix of light-hearted topics such as 5 minute make-up challenges to more serious issues like problematic men. This trio will leave you thinking about the salient things affecting us on daily basis. 

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