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Candid youth: Willow Borain photographs her friends on film

Cape Town-based photographer Willow Borain is only sixteen and already photographing professionally. The young artist first tried her hand at the medium when she picked up her mom’s camera at age ten.

“My mother, being a photographer herself, introduced me to photography. I started shooting my friends causally and soon it became my passion.” With easy access and a connection to her peers, she captures teenage-hood through an earnest and candid lens. “I shoot my friends in their rooms and houses and there’s nothing fake about it. There’s nothing planned or staged in my photographs, they’re pure and real,” she asserts. 


Testament to her talent, Willow already has representation with top creative management agency Artists & Legends and has done work for clients such as Superbalist. She works predominately in film, lending her photographs a nostalgic atmosphere.   

“I shoot digital at times, although my heart truly lies with film”, she explains. Looking ahead, the precocious teenager’s ambitions are not limited to South Africa. She would like to continue chronicling her life from the epicenter of the arts, New York City. “My dream photo shoot would be in a train station in New York. I would love to shoot strangers on the train, ordinary people having an ordinary day, going to their ordinary jobs” she expresses. “In five years I see myself living in New York in an apartment in Manhattan. Living with my closest friend, and muse, Juliette. I’ll be studying film studies at NYU as well as be a photographer and still shooting film”. 

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