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Top 5 x Kaus Kulture

To celebrate the first global creative platform for NB Lifestyle, New Balance South Africa is releasing a three-part video series centred on the idea that numbers speak louder than words. In this clip we’re introduced to the Jo’burg-based entrepreneurs and New Balance tastemakers behind Kaus Kulture.

We get to know Kabelo Moabelo and Marcus Prime a little better in this countdown Q&A. 

What are 5 words that sum each of you up?

Marcus Prime: Energy, creativity, speed, progress, happiness.
Kabelo Moabelo: Compassionate, loving, ambitious, innovative, patient.

Tell us about 4 things that inspire or motivate you. 

Marcus: I am inspired by:
1) Entrepreneurship – creating and developing projects from scratch, bred from a pure source.
2) Art – creativity and free will to express oneself and influence diverse messages through your art and the various interpretations of those who receive it.
3) Self-realisation – having an understanding of oneself and standing firm in one’s natural instincts.
4) Aiding others – being able to connect with people on a deep and genuine level by helping them to feel the happiness that’s all around us.

What are the 3 most important lessons you’ve learnt since launching Kaus Kulture?

Kabelo: Starting a business requires hard work. Patience is something you learn, as obstacles are unforeseen. And lastly it has taught me about dedication and the power of persistence.

The 2 most rewarding moments since starting your brand?

Marcus: Our first online sale, and the New Balance collaboration.

What’s the 1 thing that keeps you ‘always in beta’?

Kabelo: God!
Marcus: Energy!


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